ACTION ALERT!!! Oklahoma Exotic Animals Are Under Attack!!!


The above link is to a capwiz which allows you to simply fill out the information required and send your message to state legislatures.

The body of the message reads:

(This text will be included in your message)
Dear Oklahoma State RepresentativesI would like to voice my opinion and concern that the State of Oklahoma has introduced a bill that will be illegal itself and cause the State of Oklahoma some embarrassment by even introducing such a bill pushed by an animal rights group.

OK53RHB2191 introduced by State Representative Sue Tibbs, is not only detrimental to the very existence of some of the world’s most endangered animals but it is ILLEGAL for the State of Oklahoma to require, force, or make anyone join a private nonprofit organization just to be legal within the State of Oklahoma. It is called creating an ILLEGAL MONOPOLY.

Not only am I concerned that our own state lawmakers would introduce a bill without knowing first that the bill itself would be illegal, but embarrassed that I would even consider our State Representatives, the ones looking out for our best interest, without knowing this first.

I would deeply appreciate it if you kill this unlawful proposal before it shames everyone who puts trust in you.

Oklahoma does NOT have an exotic animal emergency. There are only three big cat owners within our state who are not licensed by the Federal Government and two of them are willing to turn their cats over to a facility to avoid such a panic in Oklahoma.

You will receive email confirmation that your message was received.

~ by topcatsroar on January 9, 2012.

One Response to “ACTION ALERT!!! Oklahoma Exotic Animals Are Under Attack!!!”

  1. AR extremists are now attacking on all fronts. BEWARE!!!! Any & all exotic animal bans are open ended laws allowing more & more animals to be added. This law passes, Okies better pray they don’t start coming after your finches, parakeets, goldfish, guppies, frog, hamster, gerbil, mouse, garter snake, snail, newts, turtles, parrots, lovebirds, cockatiels, canaries, pidgeons, kingsnake, corn snake, toad………… Oh yes, these are exotic animals. That pretty Beta fish in a decorative bowl on your desk? It’s exotic. A ban like this can lead quite quickly to the loss of so many common pets we love, our children love, are in schoolrooms, are easily obtained and have been pets for generations!!! And don’t think there will be nice, peaceful sanctuaries for them, it will be the slaughterhouse. Are you ready to turn your beloved parrot you’ve had for 15 yrs over to a state paid exicutioner? And do you really think they’ll be killed humanely? How naive are you? Broken necks, fish lieing in heaps gasping for air, gerbils grabbed by their tails & swung violently to smash their skulls on tables. And you, the taxpayer, will pay for every pet slaughtered. Your children will pay with tears & heartache. Do you want to be deprived of contact with a loving animal? Do you want to grab your child’s pet from their hands to be butchered? What will you tell your child? Oh, we have electronic “pets.” These toys sell huge volumes. But they don’t breathe, have a beating heart, cuddle you, give birth, fascinate us by their beauty. So if you don’t scream against this law, stock up on batteries for your squeaky, limited movement, cold, hard, plastic, “thing.”

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