ALPHA TEX KENNELS -Another Animal Seizure Done WRONG!!!

On my old blog, I did many posts about Alpha Tex Kennels animal seizure…This a continuation of fact and my opinion and an attempt to bring ‘newbies’ up to ‘snuff’ on this case.
I am providing some insight as the hearing approaches…Please keep in mind that I am a strong animal advocate…I believe the laws were written to protect animals against sever intentional abuse and not for animals that are being breed and sold when there is no evidence of such abuse. The Smiths had a situation the was well within the realm could have made corrects instantly for quick compliance; no notice or allotted time provided to them was ever issued. The dogs were removed based on an opinion that it was an emergency when in fact it was not…the animals were not thin nor starving…ODDLY ENOUGH, The Smiths spoke out against the puppy mill bill last summer and then came under seize a few months later. Many animals died with the taking and nothing unusual or exceptional about that but should be noted that animals become instantly stressed and do not do well under  circumstance. They claim parvo on the puppy deaths however there is no way to determine when or where they were exposed.

Their accuser was awarded the custody of the animals…and I am not sure why no one has an issue with an accuser receiving such reward…I most certainly do when the complaint is based on opinion…The Humane Society of West Texas is a humane society that has no facilities so these animals went to foster care…many out of the county and against the rules for seized animals in the state of Texas.

There is a Federal suit in place against the county, the sheriff and this humane society; maybe others.

The county has hired the aid of Donald Feare as Pro tem prosecutor who actually is from THLN sister to H$U$ organization and considered an animal rights extremist.

There are Facebook pages against the Smiths that display both an attempt to sway the judge of the County Court of Floyd County on appeal, spews hatred towards the Smiths, have gathered signatures from people outside of the jurisdiction of the county, state and the US border on a petition for full prosecution, and displays they are in close association with Donald Feare.

I am not the only one appalled by this action!!! From the Examiner:

The Battlefield of Animal Rescue
Ashley Nicole, Detroit Animal Welfare Examiner
January 4, 2012

The mission of Animal rescue groups is to save animals. However, this passion amongst animal lovers has turned into an alternate goal for many people involved. The “Animal Rights” movement is a scary one to boot, and it honestly is highly followed by innocent people who are easily fooled by the heart breaking commercials played on television for animals in need. The movement has been leading many rescuers to believe that they are creating laws to protect animals, when in fact the making of these laws was to prohibit pet owners from ever owning an animal again.

The sad reality amongst rescue groups, especially through social networking sites such as “Facebook” is that it has developed into a shark feeding frenzy amongst each other. You will see many bloody battles between rescuers through “cyber space” fighting over dogs and cats from shelters when there are hundreds of others needing saved. Rescue groups have begun utilizing power and money to promote their “rescue” rather than saving the animals by attacking other rescue groups in an attempt to become the “leader of the pack”. The mentality of rescue has become so completely ludacris and warped that Eminem himself would be able to roll a great rap of lyrics on the subject.

Many animal rescuers would rather “eat each other alive” than save cats and dogs. They spend more of their time attacking other rescuers and giving those trying to save lives a bad name. Rescuers that truly care about dogs and cats should be joining forces to “change the world”, yet instead of helping others to find fosters or assist in veterinary care, they are turning rescuers in for being “over the limit”. There have even been instances in which people who claim to want to help rescues will literally walk into the homes of these individuals just to take photos and videos of animals who were rescued just hours before! The rescuer is in no way to blame for the faults of another’s cruelty.

Suddenly, animal rescuers are expected to have perfectly healthy animals in their care and nothing else. If you rescue ten dogs from a burning building and have not found them foster homes within minutes of saving them, suddenly you are labeled a hoarder. The little old lady feeding multitudes of stray cats next door is labeled as being a mentally ill person. The farmers slaughtering cows for the food that billions of people eat daily are charged with criminal allegations of animal cruelty. These outrageous allegations against people is the cause of a multitude of illegal seizures, raids, police conlifiscations, unlawful surrender and even ending in death of a person’s animals.

When people attack one another, the system fails. There is a system in place, but it doesn’t work. Animals are murdered daily in kill shelters. The no-kill movement is necessary to stop the useless killing of innocent lives. People need to wake up and realize what their rights are and protect those rights. Petitioning for change is a good start, as well as attending city meetings in regards to helping animals.

Attacking other rescuers is not the way to go about doing things as this could happen to anyone involved in rescue. Some rescuers have hearts that are to big that they are not capable of leaving stranded innocent animals in bad conditions. It does not make them a “hoarder”, or an “abuser”, it makes them a true person that cares deeply about rescuing the lives of animals in need. It is never better for a shelter to euthanize a dog than to give the dog to a rescue who can help care for it.

Many animal rights fanatics would rather see an animal killed than to give it to a rescuer who has chosen to crate their rescues for a portion of the day. They would rather see an animal killed because somehow in their twisted mind the believe that an animal is incapable of living outside for any reason, no matter what circumstances or living conditions have been provided for the animal. This outrageous mentality is seriously deranged, but it does exist amongst many in rescue organizations. Seriously though, those who think this way deserve a free ride on the “short bus” to learn how messed up their thinking is.

When was the last time you truly stepped back and cared about something so much that you just had to do something to help? Instead of rescuers fighting with each other, it is extremely important for everyone to help each other. Look at the truth behind all situations rather than accusing someone based upon something you have been told. Fabricating or falsifying information against anyone can subject those who are responsible to defamation and libel suits.

When you hurt the reputation of a person, or rescue group just for some crazy satisfaction of acting like children in a playground, you have hurt the animals involved as well. It is important to remember this because when someone decides to take a dump in the backyard of your rescue, you will be finding yourself in the same position as the others you have tageted, begging for help from everyone around you.

The saddest part of anything in the realm of animal rescue is that the ones who ultimately suffer are the cats and dogs that are thrown into the shark pool of hate created amongst ignorant people involved. Always remember who your school of fish is and stick to that mentality. Once the sharks are involved, everyone loses. Rescues are a united front, and should never cause blood baths to occur amongst one another. For those who truly care about animals, think about your actions before you speak. The dogs and cats cannot speak for themselves, only we can. Ask yourselves, are you going to choose to be a shark, or a fish?

-Ashley Nicole

There is concern that the animals will not be returned to the Smiths, awarded to The Humane Society of West Texas and they will have a rather high amount to be paid for the care of the animals to the same organization that accused them although this humane society has gathered donations for the care of those animals. The sheriff went beyond his duties as there was no evidence of an intentional crime being committed and based the warrant on his opinion of the proper care of the animals and not that the animals were doing without shelter, food or water as specified by the Texas Health and Safety Code for seizing animals. No notice was provided as specified by the code for the kennel to met any standards. The press was present on the Smiths property and in violation of the civil liberties per US and state constitution. Violations of improper due process of the law has occurred and reason there has been a federal suit filed. The Smiths are indigent as this was their business which has been trampled, and their good name smeared; it is not likely they will ever be able to overcome and recover from this ordeal.

Previous article:

Was Alpha Tex Kennels set-up for a fall?!?

**Moving right along…We see the ‘haters’ are moving in another direction and taking on a more positive note for the WELFARE OF ANIMALS but still wondering if they really understand the truth of how badly the Smiths rights were abused…that any one of them could be next as rescues are also attacked in the same manner as the breeders…They are recognizing that H$U$ is NOT a good organization and right there with PETA…HOORAY…BUT they must also realize, they too are on the radar of the AR groups…NO-kill is NOT what AR wants…the reason so many animals are being euthanized and that they do not provide $$ to shelters. 1% of the money goes to the shelters and only a few at best….1% and reason for alarm is that most of those donations to these groups is for lobbying the legislatures in ALL states…Putting the propaganda out there to the public for donations is sickening. And yes, they are known to the FBI as TERRORISTS within our borders!!!

AHHHHHH, but there’s more…THLN is the sister group to H$U$!!! Let me introduce you to ‘Spidey’ who has done the research…

I highly recommend reading this blog!!! This is just one post…keep reading…People after the welfare of animals should be joining hands not fighting one another… ‘Divide and conquer’ has become an animal rights slogan…I am not sure which of those AR groups started it but certain it is working well  for them…Citizens rights must be protected!!!

So who is Don Feare?!?

From Spidey’s blog A&N: Friday, August 26, 2011 -”THLN Links to ALDF, PeTA, PCRM, SPCA and others”-

“Note the listing of lawyers for Texas; self-created new market, (who not to use?) Gee, how many of these used to be in THLN and are now on the Texas State Bar of Animal Law, founded by Skip Trimble? AZ – Chris Wencker/520-623-1461 AZ – Stephanie Nichols-Young/ 602-257-9739 FL – Marcy LaHart/561-655-9537 KY – Katie Brophy/502-561-3486 NJ – Linda Sinuk/732-296-1771

TX – Donald Feare/817-543-2202 TX – Joel Hailey/210-333-3310 TX – Randy Turner/ TX – Skip Trimble/214-855-2960

THLN is on the HSUS bandwagon and is now feeding the press the line that “Texas is the Puppy Mill Capital of the U.S.” Sound familiar??!!!! (Google “puppy mill capital” to see just how many states turn up) State by state, the ARs are targeting animal owners. Remember when they fought so hard, state to state, to make animal cruelty a felony?Responsible animal owners never thought those laws would be used against them either.”

The information has been verified!!! Apparently NOT everyone knows the truth…

Thank you Spidey for all that hard work that has become so useful!!! Hope to meet you someday…brilliant work in your blog!!!

So, what about the Smiths…exactly how do they fit into this picture of terror…

FOX NEWS!?! They know the truth!!!  They were at the Smiths property for this story…WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! Why the bad PR now?!? Why not tell this group things they should know?!?  Show them this video!!! Because it doesn’t make news maybe?!? Instead they liked that page-OMG!!! So mich for honest , truthful and good reporting even at the local level!!!

WHO was out to stop the Smiths…I doubt it was ~DaiZy~…frankly had she seen this or known the facts, I am not so sure she would have jumped on the bandwagon against them and might have actually gotten her hands dirty and helped them even though she’s from Dallas!!! I am sure many people of that community would have done that to help when the Smiths needed help due to illness in the family -even after the sheriff showed up!!!

WHO is so heartless they made a mockery of their neighbors business?!? PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS??? -Where their cows stampeding?!? -HELLO!!! And who is Bill Morris?!? And the Safe House Foundation?!? He seems to be the opposition here…maybe his cows were stampeding?!?

Were the Smith’s dogs taken to this ‘safe house”?!? -OMG!!! From this link…”Many of the little ones died from parvo”  – if these people helped there is more than enough to explain parvo!!! “Out of ten with parvo we lost six” now burried on their property…Holy Crap Batman…More than enough on that page to explain many things about what’s going on in Lubbock, TX!!! Did this man have something to do with all this because of a ‘WAR’ over the legislature this past spring??? Did Mr. Morris need to proclaim himself a hero?!? Some hero…NOT!!! I am freaking…at my own research!!! -OMG!!! I bet this place was somehow involved in this ‘rescue’ otherwise known as an ‘evacuation’ of the animals from the Smith’s home…I am totally disgusted and need a break from this one…I think I am going to be sick…They ARE in Lubbodk, TX…HELLO!!! Is this Mr. Morris a HUMANIAC?!?

Morris Safe House Foundation
3240 Nightingale Road Lubbock, TX 79407
Phone: 806-239-0156

Now we wait for the The Appeal…

**Reminder that there is a disclaimer in place for this blog. While things stated are my own conclusion, we must remember that ALL things ARE POSSIBLE!!! No matter how sickening the truth might be…I totally believe that the Smiths were set-up by a disgrunted ‘neighbor’ taking the law into his own hands and pushed the sheriff to do this…I bet proclaiming himself a ‘hero’…I see nothing wrong in that video…Certainly NOT what is being proclaimed by any of these people…Civil liberty abuse must be stopped…If this animal rescue was at the bottom of this…OMG!!!                 A RESCUE ATTACKING A BREEDER…Holy Crap Batman!!! SICKENING!!!

Responses to “Was Alpha Tex Kennels set-up for a fall?!?”
  1. I won’t comment on the AlphaTex situation, since certain things I know cannot be said at this point. But as for the comment about 1% of HSUS funds “going to the shelters,” I have to take issue. Less than 1% goes to only a handful of selected shelters and groups. It does NOT trickle down to ALL shelters. The majority of good, well-run shelters struggle from day to day, while Wayne Pacelle and his cronies walk around in Brooks Bros. suits and sip cappucinos, posing for pix with well-endowed bimbos to hide their true lifestyles. When is Wayne going to quit hiding and come out? What’s he really afraid of?
  2. I’m just back on line after loosing my computer’s use around the first of November. I will say that I used to support many of the concepts encouraged by AR’s but not all. In High School I worked as a volunteer at a zoo. There I learned a lot about the good of captive animals. With programs, zoos established breeding programs incorporating zoos from all around the globe. The goal was to estblish breeding programs & to save endangered or even almost extinct animal species. They also set up homes for populations of the animals saved. Thanks to zoos, many animals including the Arabian Oryx & the California Condor still grace the earth. Thanks to watchful eyes, the Whooping crane is slowly coming back. Zoos also educate people & hope to teach them the value of every life on this planet. But then groups like Peta step in & villafy zoos. I’ve also worked for some collie breeders. I learned how to breed dogs to improve the breed & to breed healthy dogs. Unfortunately for some breeders, the breed standards have swung to the point that the dogs they create, the ones who win awards, are what I would call extreme monsters of unhealthyness. These breeds include pekeneese, Old English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, & so many other short nosed breeds which the animal’s health is not a concern. I’ve known peke breeders who talk about how easily their eyeballs pop out. The other short nosed breeds have extreme respitory problems. If these AR groups really wanted to help dogs, they would set out to work with breed groups to breed healthier dogs. The noses need to be lengthened,, eye setting improved, make sure all breeds with hip/elbow problems have the dogs certified healthy before breeding. From photos I saw of the Smith’s kennels, they had wonderful large runs, the dogs were active, well fed, clean, & didn’t appear depressed or stressed until the “Rescuers” came in. The “rescuers” harmed these dogs far greater than anyone else did. Plus all the hate mongers keep forgetting a basic princible of our law—- we are all innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. We have a right to demand to have a trial heard by a jury of our peers. The meaning of the word “peers” is that of people who are of our equals. To be the equals of the Smiths, the jury must be filled with people who own & run kennels & have for a number of years or to have worked at a large kennel for a number of years. I feel I could be considered a peer from all the work I’ve done with animals. I have NOT seen any problems at the Smith’s kennel except the manufactured ones by the “Rescuers.” So blast me with your attacks, I am holding my ground. Just as that one young man in China had the courage to stand in the4 middle of the street to stop the line of tanks from going to kill the students, I’ve marked my line in the sand. Open your eyes people, you are being used. You have become pawns, throw away pieces of the corporate heirarchy. How do you like being used? Are you capable of thinking for yourself any more? Fight to get your brains freed of their brainwashing & think for yourself. You are disposable little pieces in their fight for control & power.God it feels so good to be back, pecking away at my computer & blasting my thoughts into cyberspace. I have missed this so much.

~ by topcatsroar on January 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “ALPHA TEX KENNELS -Another Animal Seizure Done WRONG!!!”

  1. I wish to add to my earlier comments, that when I worked with the collie breeders, I learned alot about the state I lived in, Texas. For all of the years I lived in TX, I was plagued by horrible allergies. These made me quite ill, I had chronic bronchitis & what was thought to be tonsilitis but I never had a fever with it so we finally discovered it was due to allergies. I had persistant respitory problems. The collie breeders I worked for had just moved to TX from a northern state. Immediately they noticed several of their collies started scratching, loosing large amounts of fur, having eye & nasal discharges, & other conditions. Since their kennel was next to a vet, they had immediate vet care plus the vet could step out his door any time & observe the dogs. After he had carefully examined, screened, tested, & observed all the dogs, he knew the answer — allergies. TX is a allergen state. Every time I go to TX to visit, no matter what time of year, I have a massive allergy attack within minutes & will be sick way after I go home. Allergies, blasted TX allergies. The collies suffered from allergies. They had all the dogs who had allergies on medications, including shots, all provided by the liscenced vet. But many still has allergy problems. The collie breeders best stud dog, champion show dog, a rough coated tri color fella, suffered horribly from the allergies. He had to be kept in the house with air conditioning & filtered air to try to help him. His time outside had to be limited during the worst allergen seasons. But TX allergens are year round. And despite excellent vet care, excellent medications, careful observations of him, he still became a raggedy looking dog. Huge clumps of fur was missing. He had raw patches on his skin from itching. He had horrible allergies. Many of the collies had horrible allergies & were fixed up with air conditioned housing but dogs need to run outside & play. These were young, strong, healthy dogs & they wanted to be outside running & playing. But all outside time meant heavy exposure to the TX allergens, year round. So many of the dogs were raggedy, patchy looking. They were well fed, well exercised, bathed reguarly with special allergy shampoos (prescription shampoos from the vet). An outsider looking at them would have thought they were neglected. But there were almost daily notes on every dog by the vet. We kept detailed records of every pill, every shot, every bath, every thing we did for the dogs.

    Years later, I got a sheltie. And sure enough, he shared the collies & my problem — allergies. I fought those with him for his entire life. Luckily we weren’t in TX but we were still in a high allergy area. So I watched him & myself. When I had allergy problems, I watched him as I knew he would have them also. And a big problem with allergies is that they do get worse over time. As an animal or a human ages, they can & often do, develope more & more allergies.

    Of the photos I have seen, there was one collie who had the same appearance of the collies I had known. Allergies was my first thought & I still feel is a very good reason for his fur. He was not thin, not staggering, but moving well. I saw many photos of happy, excited, well fed, dogs. I saw bright, excited, playful eyes. I did not see starved, downtrodden, beaten down, lifeless dogs. I did see confused dogs as they were taken from their large kennels & stuffed into crates too small for them. I saw the “rescuers” all happy as they stood around big dogs stuffed into tiny cages, too small for them to stand up or move. I saw the “rescuers” had stacked wire cages on top of wire cages so the dogs on top would urinate & defficate on top of the dogs below them. Is that humane? Because of the TX heat, the Smith’s had set up large fans & misters around outside runs. Reasonable idea to help their dogs fight the extreme heat. And because of this, dogs would get a bit dirty while playing outside. So what? They were kept cooler, healthier, & happier because the Smith’s thought about their dogs. I saw some photos of dogs who were clean, maybe a smudge or two, but so what? You play outside, you get dirty!!! That is the same whether it’s a dog, a cat, a human.

    I feel the Smith’s were set up, denied their rights, had wonderful dogs stolen from them, have had hate & slander spewed at them from people whose motives I can only question. We are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT BY A JURY OF OUR PEERS!!!! IF THERE IS EVEN THE SLIGHTEST DOUBT, YOU CAN NOT CONVICT!!! This is our federally guarranteed rights. We also have the right to face ALL of our accusers in a court of law. So anyone who “anonmously” accused them, has to come to court or anything they claim must be thrown out, any “evidence” gathered would be considered “the fruit of a poisoned tree.” This “evidence” would have to be thrown out. I’m waiting to see if true American Justice prevails. It will be a mighty blow to our civil rights, our federally granted rights, if this travisty is allowed to continue.

  2. And one more thing, they showed photos of “rescuers having to wear masks.” Well, first off we neither have smell-a-vision on our TV’s nor can we smell anything from photos. So, we can not judge what was or was not the odor. But I didn’t see “mounds of feces” in the runs. Also, it was still very hot when the kennel was raided. Heat intensifies odors. You will have a stronger body odor in hot weather than cold weather. Hot food has a robust scent compared to cold food. I have not had any chef’s salads that smelled as tasty & hardy as my fresh, hot, homemade beef stew. So, with the heat, the odors would be stronger. This is not a sign of uncleanliness, it is just a sign of hot weather intensifying an odor. As I recall, the Smiths were in their beds when they were invaded. It was around 5:00 A.M. So, the kennel would have been cleaned the evening before but would not have been given a morning cleaning yet. Dogs do urinate & deficate during the night. Hot weather will also often “throw an animal off their feed.” Just think, when you run, jump, & play on a hot day, you won’t be as hungry as you would have been had it been cooler. Many animal owners & dog owners will split their dogs’ food into 2 or more meals, depending on the age of a dog. Puppies who are quite young need to be fed several times until they have grown some. I’ve worked at 2 kennels & I am a trained vet tech with experience in the care of not only domestic animals but also exotic animals, large & small. Just about every mammal, especially dogs, we fed 2 meals a day, the exception being young puppies, elderly dogs who could eat only small amounts at a time, sick dogs who are recovering & we wanted to help them gain their strength & weight back, diabetic dogs or dogs with special medical conditions, or the very tiny toy dogs, who can become hypoglycemic quickly. Otherwise, sound, healthy dogs got 2 meals a day. They would get breakfast and then an evening meal before we left for the night. The evening meal was put out for them & left with them overnight. The morning meal, in cold weather was dry food with hot water mixed in to give them a morning warm up. In hot weather we usually feed the dry food dry. Then, in hot weather, we would feed the dogs’ evening meal as dry food mixed with canned or just straight canned. There was a good reason for the canned — it would have a stronger smell, especially in hot weather. The canned food with it’s stronger smell was fed at night to allow the dogs to cool off some after sunset plus since it smelled so good to the dogs, we had a better chance of them eating better because the food smelled good. Simple logic, good understanding of your dog, and good animal husbandry to try to encourage your dogs to eat more in hot weather to maintain weight,energy, and health. But even with its more enticing sell, some dogs would not eat all of their dinner. The next morning there would be food left in the bowls of some dogs. And with the heat, the canned food would dry out & get crusty and look old, even though it had only been put out the night before. And for the flies, what place, especially one with animals with open inside/ outside access, doesn’t get flies every summer. How many of you use the old time way of telling weather by biting flies? In the summer when it’s really hot, you can tell the humidity is high, probably going up more, & showing it might rain by the number of biting flies that get you? I’ve known of this since I was a little kid. Hot days with really high humidity meant more biting flies. Hot days with really low humidity means almost none to none at all of the biting flies. And when you add in animals, soft canned food with a strong smell, you get flies. This is all just plain good old common sense and using logic to do good animal husbandry. People who have say just a small dog who is almost always in a house, wouldn’t know these things unless they thought things out. An experienced animal care person would know all of this.

    Water buckets and dogs can quickly mean a mess. Many dogs will bat, slap, and splash on their water. Dirt from their feet will muddy it up. Algae grows fast in the heat & is a battle. When you have high heat, just like we had last summer, people have to pace themselves while working and even the most fit, young person will overheat, get heat sick or have heat stroke.Even I, though I had worked outside in all types of weather,got sever heatstroke after 5 years of working hard year round. So in the heat, everyone is fair game. Simple things like taking allergy medicine can make you more succeptable to the heat. Many prescription medicines reduce your tolerance to the sun and heat. You must check all medication warnings. Mr. Smith is a diabetic and this would cause him medical problems with the heat. He was already having problems with his diabetes, he had just had the 3rd surgery on his foot because of his diabetes. If they had posted a request for help, many would have screamed “a puppy mill wants help? No way! We must go rescue these dogs from these horrid people.” Or there would be yells of “breeders wanting help? How dare they ask for help when they breed dogs, not rescue them.” So no matter what they did, they were in a d*mned if you do, d*mned if you don’t” situation. With these animal rights extremists, they had no chance of being helped without extreme judgement. The AR’s look for any excuse to accuse animal owners and do exactly what they did to the Smiths. They had no chance of any fair, impartial help.

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