UPDATE~Oklahoma Investigation of HSUS

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Oklahoma Attorney General Subpoenas HSUS

In March, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt announced that his office was opening an inquiry into the fundraising of the Humane Society of the United States, issuing a “consumer alert” to the public about national animal charities. Things have been fairly quiet in the news since then—until yesterday.

Speaking to the radio show “All Around Oklahoma Ag,” Pruitt offered an update of his office’s investigation of HSUS. Pruitt stated that his office has recently issued subpoenas to HSUS in light of the $25 million settlement that major HSUS contractor and direct-mail firm Quadriga Art agreed to with the New York Attorney General earlier this month.

Pruitt also revealed that his office has met with HSUS leadership, and it didn’t seem to go well. Pruitt says that HSUS’s reaction has been “in some respects, not good…there’s been denial.”

HSUS can deny that its fundraising is deceptive all it wants to, but we have its CEO Wayne Pacelle admitting last year, on audio, that “I think there is some confusion among the general public and I think there’s occasional confusion with, with donors.” You can’t play the denying game when you’ve already admitted that there’s a problem with your donors. Even for an organization with dozens of staff lawyers, it’s hard to talk your way around that one.

As for other states joining in an investigation of HSUS, Pruitt offered that “I’ve been in contact with other state attorneys general. We’ve talked about this on a national basis. … I don’t have concrete information about their involvement but we are talking about that.”

We’ll see—we’re hopeful that other offices will see the light about the deceptive fundraising of the Humane Society of the United States. As for Pruitt, he says, “Someone can sit across a table and say, ‘We’re doing it the right way,’ but when you raise literally hundreds of millions of dollars, and all that we see so far is less than 1 percent of those monies going into what would be considered local shelters, it is a very fair and right question to ask this organization nationally, are they being deceptive and unfair in their communications? … We intend to push that issue, we intend to find out and if in fact they are engaging in what we consider deceptive practices, we will bring enforcement actions…and seek to recover damages.”

Kudos to Pruitt for doggedly attempting to hold HSUS accountable. It sounds like he’s going to see this through.


Gives everyone from Oklahoma reason to be proud of being an OKIE

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ZOO WARS~ ACTION ALERT~Operation Rebuild a Zoo~A Random Act of Kindness

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Operation rebuild a zoo- Tell a friend…

Joe Exotic is requesting your help!!!

Frierson, LA- Team USZA the United States Zoological Association and Joe Exotic are calling upon any friends, family, fans and volunteers. If you have ever wanted to take part in really saving an exotic animals life, this is your chance.

Yogie and Friends Exotic Animal Sanctuary is home to many exotic animals including tigers, lions, leopards and much more and right now they need your help. No, we are not asking for your money. We need your skilled labor and just your helping hands to make a trip to the sanctuary and help re-build the compounds for the animals so they can pass much needed up grades to keep their state license to keep the animals home instead of forcing them to be moved else where.

Some of these animals are in their late teens, as old as 15 and it would be just like a death sentence to move them at this age if we don’t have to. A few years ago we had a similar thing in Missouri and we pulled it off in 2 days.

There are two dates you can get involved in and help Team USZA and Joe Exotic save these animals and help the Sanctuary.

August 8th, 9th, 10th and Aug 25th-28th. 

Again if you have ever wanted to get involved in helping exotic animals, this is your chance. Please contact Jenny at 318.286.1145

So help us help them, get involved and save an exotic animals the real way….


Joe Exotic



There is no greater love than that between human and animal



TEXAS~Taking Action for Animals~Strict new rules could result in many more euthanized animals

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State veterinarian rule could thwart no-kill movement in Texas

Strict new rules could result in many more euthanized animals

Stricter enforcement of a previously obscure state regulation is threatening the no-kill movement across Texas and could result in animal shelters euthanizing tens of thousands of additional pets each year, advocates warn.

A “clarification” of state rules by the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners last August already has sparked a court case and caused widespread confusion among city officials and private groups.

At issue is the veterinary care provided to animals in municipal shelters and privately operated animal rescue organizations.

Under its rules, the board requires the same level of medical care and attention for shelter dogs and cats as they would receive from a private veterinarian. That means volunteers and fosters cannot perform routine care, such as administering intake vaccinations, without a trained vet present. It also means shelter veterinarians must provide individual care to each shelter animal upon intake.

Shelters say requiring a veterinarian at all times would bust their budgets and reverse efforts to reach and maintain no-kill status of euthanasia rates at or below 10 percent. Without full-time vet staff, advocates say, shelters eventually would fall back on euthanizing more animals because state law allows trained staff to administer lethal injections.

“There’s no need for this policy,” said Rep. Jessica Farrar, D-Houston, a leading animal advocate in the Legislature who has sponsored humane treatment bills. “We already have high-kill shelters, and this would just exacerbate that. They’re just going to turn into euthanasia centers.”


What, are they just now realizing that that the Animal Rights Agenda, based on Newkirk influence/PETA philosophy/HSUS promotion of outrageous laws that actually doesn’t care about the animals?!? It’s all business as usual and all about the money and as the legislature has bought into it so has the State Board of Veterinarians…and after all, this one promotes the need for more vets…at east while there are still animals left in Texass-Now an Animal Rights state, that unless there is severe change in laws and regulations will defeat itself to becoming an animal free state  with the exception of a few-Don’t believe me I’m sure but already seeing fewer herds of cattle and by far fewer exotic animals with owners no longer willing to be FASELY accused of cruelty.

And while I support no-kill I also say good-shut the money hungry back stabbing LYING shelters that steal animals for profit down…I’ve had enough already and so have so many others!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

UPDATE: Raines County~Texas Deputy Fired for Killing Cattle Dog

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Update-Links of Interest: http://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/04/24/from-tx-rpoatexas-farmer-reports-break-in-deputy-shoots-his-dog/

Recent post from Justice for Candy Middleton FB page:

“They delayed pretrial and trial until the 18th of September. Not a whole lot happened other than quiet talks between defense and prosecution in the back and in the courtroom. We get letters from LEOs all across the country stating that they‘ve worked for years and never shot a dog (some never fired their weapons). Accountability is a must for officers who abuse their power, and overstep their authority. Hopefully, Candy’s case will help set that precedent in regards to our dogs! If you shoot them without reason, you will be held accountable!!”


“Inside edition shed some light into these types of tragedies. I hope everyone was able to watch. The only way we’re going to see change is to be the change!! We must fight this!! Oh what we would give to see her smiling face again. Thank you all for the support !! If you find it hard to believe that this baby girl would ever hurt somebody, you’re unbelief is justifiable because she never would. Justice for Candy!!!”

Justice for Candy Middleton

“To serve and protect became invade and attack by Rains County Deputy Jerred Dooley ID #510
Good Friday became Bad Friday for our family. It started with me discovering my home had been broken into and several items of value stolen including my firearms. We attempt to guard against this, but we all know that unfortunately theft happens. When it does happen, we call our local law enforcement officials for help. “To serve and protect” is a motto that we all want to embrace at a time like this.
So that’s what I did. I called the Rains Co. Sheriff’s office and notified them of the burglary. I had no idea of how tragic that act of faith (in what is supposed to be the people who protect us) would soon become.
Our beloved blue heeler Candy was just like many of your beloved pets, a member of your family that’s more than just an animal. Candy was not only that, but a valuable employee at my dairy because she worked with me daily as I gathered cows, worked calves, etc. I can provide dozens of witnesses who can verify that Candy liked to be petted and loved and was NOT AGGRESSIVE AT ALL. She has NEVER bitten anyone in her short 3 year life, but if someone drove up to our residence she would bark like all GOOD dogs do.
Deputy Jerred Dooley arrived about 2.5 hours later to take report on the robbery that happened at MY RESIDENCE. Both my father and I were in the pasture next to my house harvesting our winter crops for our dairy farm. We both saw the officer pull up to my house and park behind my farm truck where my dog Candy was in the bed of it barking at the unknown vehicle. As we were coming to him in our tractors, less than 40 yards away, he got out of his vehicle. That’s when our loyal family member, Candy, came out of the bed of my truck and continued to BARK. We were both HONKING OUR HORNS at this point to let him know we were headed to him. MY FATHER AND I BOTH WATCHED HIM OPEN THE DOORS TO MY HOUSE AND STICK HIS HEAD INSIDE WITHOUT CAUSE OR PERMISSION!!!! Dooley then closes my doors, walks off my steps and tells me, “I shot your dog, sorry.” He told me this as I’m approaching the fence from my tractor. He shot Candy behind her ear, in the side of her head, in HER YARD. OBVIOUSLY SHE WAS NOT FACING HIM AS THE ENTRY POINT WAS BEHIND HER EAR!!!UNREAL!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! REMEMBER I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS ROBBED!!! So he was there to HELP ME! “Serve and Protect?” More like “Invade and Attack”.
Dooley then retreats to his squad car, exclaims over his loudspeakers “do not approach the vehicle”, and calls in full reinforcements. He leaves my dog in my yard yelping and thrashing in unbearable pain. I BEGGED him to shoot her again (SINCE MY WEAPONS WERE STOLEN!) and he refused. I then had to do the otherwise unthinkable and take my poor baby’s life with my own hands while praying for this to be over with.
In a few minutes 2 state troopers (Hayes and Sneed) arrive in separate vehicles, along with the Emory City Police and the county investigator Mayer all with sirens blaring. The City Policeman exclaimed to my father and I to back up and step back as we are trying to explain what DEVASTATION has just happened. Officer Hayes had his tazer pulled and hand on his pistol. All of them together were VERY INTIMIDATING TO INNOCENT victims. The only thing I knew to do was grab my video camera phone and capture this because here again “protect and serve” was apparently invade and attack. After informing the officers I had a camera and was going to film, for my own sake, the Wood County State Trooper Hayes begins to MOCK me and wave at my camera. He then unprofessionally says “Hi mom! Hi Channel 8! How you doing?” This IS NOT A JOKE. THIS IS SERIOUS. I HAVE THE VIDEO! After several minutes of my father and I trying to explain to them that WE ARE THE VICTIMS the State Troopers ask, “So whose house got broke into? Whose blood is on your shirt?” SHOULDN’T THEY HAVE ALREADY BEEN AWARE OF THAT???
And I explain that MY HOUSE was broken into and this was MY poor Candy’s blood on my shirt. The blood was there because Dooley shot her and left me to do the unimaginable. Only then does the mocking stop, the tazer put away, and hands off the pistols (with the exception of Officer Hayes who continued to want to keep his hand on his gun because its “comfortable”). I finally was able to give report to Officer Sneed (who was professional and helpful) about my dog being erroneously shot in cold blood. I also gave report to Chief Investigator Mayer (who was also professional and helpful) about my house being broken into and robbed.
When we call on peace officers for their help and assistance we expect them to serve and protect us, especially if we are the victims. In this instance service and protection became an invasion and an attack that led to a life altering experience that will regrettably never be forgotten and cost my family a very precious and valuable member.
Cole and Jayna Middleton and Family
from Justice for Candy Middleton FB page:

“They delayed pretrial and trial until the 18th of September. Not a whole lot happened other than quiet talks between defense and prosecution in the back and in the courtroom. We get letters from LEOs all across the country stating that they‘ve worked for years and never shot a dog (some never fired their weapons). Accountability is a must for officers who abuse their power, and overstep their authority. Hopefully, Candy’s case will help set that precedent in regards to our dogs! If you shoot them without reason, you will be held accountable!!!”
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B





ZOO WARS~Taking Action for Animals and Their Owners~JoeExoticTV.com

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murder conspiracy!!!

Numerous un-solved cases -Exposing the lies and the secrets of the conspiracy…

JULY 19-6pm central time


Murderers Among Us

July 15, 2014 at 5:07pm

United States- Have you ever wondered when the animal industry really become a target for greed, murder and a huge conspiracy?

Let me take you on a series of shows that will break down the timelines for you of just when the first person might have been the first of a string of murders in order to control the exotic animal industry and make millions doing it.


These series will make you wonder just how a hand full of people can pull off such a worldwide scam to blindside politicians, news media and get so many people to believe that their goal is to help exotic animals in captivity when in fact hundreds are being killed once their purpose of raising thousand is used up.


You will take a trip through the life of Jack Don Lewis, Sam Mazzola and Terry Thompson. Where they just crazy exotic animal owners or where they a target of a conspiracy to control your lives and your animals for their own self profit and greed?

If you own a dog, cat, pet bird, fish or a tiger this is something you need to start focusing on to help you understand that your rights and your animals are next in line to be taken away. No one that loves animals is exempt from this agenda.

They started with big cats, moved into Ohio with all exotics in mind including primates and now moving across the United States to ban hybrid cats such as Savannah cats and Bengals.

So get your friends and neighbors involved in watching these shows and taking a stand for our lawmakers to stand up to the corruption of just what is going on and who is profiting from this before it is too late. All starting July 19th at 6pm cst on www.joeexotictv.com

This show can be watched from any computer, phone, tablet, youtube live and many more devices. Please share as we can not expose this alone.


I think it is damn funny how all of these people just happened to be handy to be on tv and on site during this tragedy, platform, agenda, what ever you want to call it. But I think there is a snake in the grass, the man trained to make a disaster happen and low and behold he is on the scene. Wake up America you are being used as fools” -Joe Exotic

Media-dangerous animals

The Perfect Murder

July 13, 2014 at 4:54pm

Zanesville OH- Have you ever wondered about what really happened that cold day in Zanesville when all the animals were set free to be slaughtered by the authorities, Jack Hanna and the two zoos that responded. Well the animals that where not worth anything anyway.

You must ask yourself first of all why would a man that loved his animals set them out to be slaughtered.

Than you must ask yourself if you were going to make a statement by doing something like this why would you take the last stand by pulling your pants down and then shooting yourself to leave your exposed body to be embarrassed in what you have done? And why was the gun used registered to a Sheriff’s deputy and why was that swept under the rug so fast.

Last thing that has always bothered me and any animal person should be asking the same things are one of two things.

1-    Why where the animals that where worth something not let out, I mean they let out the baboons which are a dime a dozen, but the Celebes Apes are worth $10,000.00 and they remained in the cages along with the leopards.

2-    If you really wanted to hurt someone and make a statement would you not have let the leopards out since they would have gone right for someone’s throat?

I can tell you the world’s theory of why Zanesville happened. Money and Power, that’s the reason. It seems very funny now that this massacre has happened and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries along with the Humane Society of the United States has its foot in the door of the State this massacre happened in to change the laws and be one of the only exempt organizations in the law that can have these animals and take yours away with leaving the only Government agency out of the picture, the United States Department of Agriculture, yes if you hold a USDA license you are not even exempt from this law and they are the ones paid by our Government to train, inspect and hold you responsible for keeping these animals.

So why is this such a big deal? If you look at the involvement within the circle of facilities and organizations involved, they all use Zanesville as a huge marketing tool to get their point across that animals do not belong in private hands. But wait a minute, who are these people, they are not city or government owned, they are nothing but private people themselves who think because they call themselves sanctuaries and belong to this club of mobsters they have more rights to horde, collect and raise millions and you don’t.

Using the fundraising tool of saying I took in or need to rescue animals from Ohio and throw in the Zanesville tragedy seems to have a special ring to $30,000.00 and sometimes even more to bring in Tigers and other animals from private owners who have no business owning these types of animals.

Last remember that in the last years not ONE person has been killed by their exotic pet, it has only happened at licensed facilities or at a Global Federation accredited facility. Not in your private home.

So why are they hell bent on taking your animals away? Money and only money. Take a look at the facilities that are using this to their advantage to profit and you be the judge, who was the high power of making this happen, and who are the followers of benefiting from Terry Thompson being killed. And ask yourself are we living in America or some 3rd world country being slaughtered for profit while our Government fights wars in other countries. This is the only country you can be declared a domestic terrorist like PeTA by the USDA on November 30th 2009 and still hold a nonprofit status.

If at any point something’s happens to me, I wish that you people of this world stand up and fight back, I am neither crazy enough to harm my animals nor am I crazy enough to hurt, threaten or attack our Government or members thereof. So as long as I fight this fight I am a huge rock in the road of the Animal Rights agenda, so please be sure they investigate better than they did in Ohio. But don’t sell me short, killing me won’t be as easy as killing Terry Thompson.

Stay tuned for the all new Joe Exotic Tv, Eye Witness News on the exotic animal scams, coming Friday, July 19, 6pm central time, every night on www.joeexotictv.com


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B



message from TX-RPOA~HSUS’ Katie Jarl enforcing Texas animal laws

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Forward from: “Sue Cone

UPDATED: Leah Purcell Charged in Spindletop Dog Refuge Case

Update: First Assistant District Attorney Phil Grant tells us that one felony count of animal cruelty has been filed in addition to the four misdemeanor charges. A felony count is punishable by a maximum of two years in state jail and/or a $10,000 fine.

Former Spindletop Dog Refuge owner Leah Purcell has been charged with four misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.

Filed July 15, the charges stem from the shuttered dog refuge where, in 2012, local authorities and Humane Society of the United States personnel seized nearly 300 dogs who they say were kept in filthy, appalling conditions. Thirty-eight other dogs allegedly suffocated to death in a building on a property a few months before the raid.

The charges were filed two days before the expiration of the statute of limitations.

Purcell, 48, was indicted in April on a felony charge of illegal commercial dumping. She was arrested July 5 after the driver of a car she was riding in was pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt. She was taken to the Montgomery County Jail and bonded out the following day.

HSUS Texas Division Director Katie Jarl told us earlier this week that “our team worked tirelessly for months to assist local law enforcement with the rescue, care, and placement of nearly 300 dogs living in squalor at Spindletop in 2012, and we stand ready to assist the District Attorney’s office on the prosecution of this case.” [See below for an updated statement].

The charges each carry a maximum penalty of one year in jail and/or a $4,000 fine. We hope to have more details soon.

In a new statement regarding the charges, Jarl says: “The atrocious conditions at Spindletop still haunt me to this day. Our team spent months on the ground to assist local law enforcement with the rescue, care, and placement of nearly 300 dogs, and with documenting the evidence needed to prosecute this case. We are grateful that the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office has moved forward with the charges, and we hope Purcell is charged to the fullest extent allowed by law.


HSUS is a “Fundraising Mill” and operates no pet shelters in Texas nor
elsewhere to place and care for any seized animals. Donate to local animal
shelters, not HSUS!


Obviously , Jarl has decided that HSUS didn’t gain enough money from this case ad will be -likely the first of many-as their launch before the legislature begins…Doesn’t HSUS realize that after processing so many people in Texass for cruelty that people know what this is about and it’s certainly NOT about Animal Welfare!!!

Texas has a 2 year statute of limitations to press charges for animal cruelty-Rather than to have this matter settled with the taking of the animals as they did in 2012, they have decided that they have enough evidence to move forward-Seriously?!? Apparently TX-HSUS needs a seizure and a felony charge but can anyone prove something happened before anyone even knew a problem existed?!?

Well, it is TexassAnything is possible when they take animals after dropping the charges and illegally processing these cases and keep all the animals taken in the RAID -Often none returned and without conviction although stipulated in the statute that there must be a conviction or the animals are to e returned!!!…ALL of this done at TAXPAYER EXPENSE!!!

I venture to say due to all the law suits filed against Texas Health and Safety Code 821 as an illegal process in likely going to have an impact on the state legislature this year-Well, one can only hope that the law is repealed for the sake of justice and relief from the burden on the tax payer who is paying for all these cases and the cases that arise from the illegal process of due process. The only one who benefits are these Not For Profits, including HSUS who doesn’t have a animal shelter in Texass.

I can’t help but wonder how much MONEY HSUS has invested in this case to get a district attorney to file last minute charges-Thing is, will they be able to make them stick?!? Then again, it is ‘good ole’ boy justice’ and a statute that lacks proper due process-Let the battle begin-ALL AT TAX PAYER EXPENSE!!!

HumaneWatch -HSUS millions

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

ZOO WARS~More Trouble Brewing in Lousiana with Big Cats

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Yogie Cats Seized; Owners Cited

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries has seized – on paper only – the nine large cats inhabited at Yogie & Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary and cited the owners for having the animals without a permit.

The action caught Executive Director Jenny Senier and founder and board member Tim Mills by surprise since both thought improvements to the facility had met or at least partially met recommended upgrades from a 2009 compliance visit. Senier admits some of the items on the check list were not complete – such as building concrete dens for the big cats – but half are finished. And that’s an accomplishment in itself, she said, since Yogie does not have paid staff and solely relies upon donated funds and the availability of volunteers.

“We thought we were doing fine,” Senier said.

Instead, the list of noncompliance issues appeared to get lengthier. “We are trying, but we need the public’s help if we are going to get through this,” Senier said.

She fears if LDWF inspectors are not satisfied by the Sept. 3 court date then there’s a chance the big cats will be relocated.

“Moving them away from here will kill them. Our cats are old. They’ve been here 14 years now. They were all rescued before that. Moving them somewhere will stress them so much they will die. We fear for the lives of our animals now,” she added.

[Blogger Note: My cats were seized and most were old-those older cats have since passed-Their lifespan shortened as a result]

Maria Davidson, head of the LDWF Fur and Refuge Division in Baton Rouge, led the inspection team with another inspector and attorney in tow. Also accompanying them were three armed enforcement agents. Davidson did not respond to a message left at headquarters Tuesday morning seeking comment.

Capt. Richie McCarthy, of the Region 1 office in Minden, did not go to Yogie & Friends Monday but was somewhat familiar with the situation. He verified a ticket was issued and the cats were seized on paper.

“It’s been going on some time, and it just the got to point you’ve got to do something,” McCarthy said.

The citation, he said, puts the facility on notice that the guidelines have not been made. And seizing the cats means none can be moved or sold until a resolution is reached in court. But that doesn’t mean LDWF is assuming responsibility for feeding and care of the animals in the meantime.

“That is something you run into. If there is no facility in the state to take them, and obviously we don’t have a place to keep them, the only other option is to seize them and take them out of state,” McCarthy said, adding that’s not the optimal move since the issue could get settled by the court hearing, resulting in a judge ordering the return of the animals. “When you go to moving them you stress them and that’s not what we want to happen.”

Still, the goal is to make sure the surrounding public is safe and laws are followed he said. “I don’t know how this will turn out but I wish them the best. … We’re not haters. We’re animal lovers. That’s why we do this,” McCarthy said.

State Sen. Sherri Smith Buffington was contacted about the situation and is making inquiries concerning the inspection to determine if there is any information she can pass along to Senier and Mills.

Senier is still baffled about the citation – possession of animals without a permit – because Yogie & Friends has not been able to obtain a permit from LDWF except for the bobcat and servals. The tigers, lions and leopard are licensed through the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which has considered the facility a Class C exhibitor in good standing since 2000.

A change in 2006 of a Louisiana law regulating the importation and private ownership of exotic cats put LWDF in the picture. A subsequent inspection pointed out needed upgrades at Yogie, including extending the height of the perimeter and interior fences and providing more secure shelter such as concrete or cinderblock dens.

None of the animals have been harmed during inclement weather and there have been no escapes or incidents, Senier said.

Yogie & Friends closed its doors to public visits in June to fall within its goal of serving as a sanctuary for the aging cats. Senier and Mills had wanted LDWF to certify the site as a sanctuary under the law change; however, it couldn’t because of a moratorium on applications.

Plus, said Senier, “it would cost millions to do.” So, Yogie & Friends, upon Davidson’s advice, applied to LDWF as a zoo not accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. “But we were told to use the AZA standards.”

Those standards, said Senier, lack specific direction for facilities such as Yogie. “There are no housing standards except for inside exhibits. We don’t have that. We built the cinderblock dens for the size we thought would work for the individual cats. We may not be that esthetic but the cats are well cared for and are safe.”

She added, “But if this what we have to do then we want to be compliant. We are going to need the public’s help with skilled labor to address the fencing and the rest of the dens. And with donations to buy materials.”

Who’s at Yogie and Friends
Here’s a list of the sanctuary’s inhabitants and when they were born:
Batman (lion), March 2002
Boo Boo (lioness), December 1999
Boudreaux (cougar), 1995
Gomez (tiger), June 2000
Mongo (serval), November 1999
Moses (lion), Feb 2006
Noodles (serval), May 2001
Putty Tat (tiger), September 1998
Samson (tiger), July 1995
Speedy (serval), January 2001
Taz (bobcat), June 2001
Tigger (black leopard), August 2001
Yogie, (tiger), May 2000

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

TY Joey for the heads up!!!


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