UPDATE~The Duhon’s Return to Court Once Again~Required That They Return Again for Doing NOTHING WRONG!!!

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Shane and Anne Marie Duhon went again on October 8th, 2014 in front of The honorable Bill Welsh. This is more of the same that has been going on since July 8. Four months of wasted taxpayer money for 5 minutes in front of the judge.

This time the DA Jeff Smith decided he was going to change the wording in the application to revoke their deferred sentence. He added three words AND OTHER ANIMALS to the application to revoke. (This application is what the Duhons have been going back and forth to court for this is the probation violation) Because of the addition of those three words the whole thing has been started over. This visit to Judge Welshes court room was NOT for a hearing like everyone thought, planned for and expected but for a simple arraignment and reading of the charges. Basically back to square one! And in a matter of minutes the case was again continued to Nov.

Ah but this time things were a little different! The Duhon’s attorney was present and all the animal rights activists were not except for two, Caryn Hass Bearden and her middle aged daughter Candys McCulley who lives with Caryn.
Wonder if they knew that nothing was going to happen or had other things to spend their time and gas on?

The biggest point was brought up in their case, Finally. The point that really needs to be stressed. Ms. Duhon’s religion, she is Amish/Mennonite. Yes, the people that ride in buggies pulled by HORSES, live on FARMS, and RAISE ANIMALS to support themselves and their families! Their case is and has never really been about abuse or neglect of animals (there was never any abuse or neglect of animals either in the beginning or now) but about abuse of power and discrimination against someone who chooses a different lifestyle and firmly sticks to their beliefs no matter what the cost.

Anne Marie wrote me this to explain herself and her beliefs to me. She is reading Atlas Shrugged. You will notice the quotes she has used from the book are familiar as I have often used in previous posts -highlighted -I’m including what she wrote in this post as she has expressed this so well and I hope will encourage you to pick up this book and read it.

Hello Barbara,

So what am I doing today? Reading still. Atlas Shrugged is a HUGE book. I ll be reading it for a while. There was an interesting passage I just read. Rearden and Dr. Ferris are talking.
Dr. Ferris says. ” We’ve waited a long time to get something on you. You honest men are such a problem and such a headache. But we knew you’d slip sooner or later-and this is just what we wanted.”
“You seem to be pleased about it.” says Rearden
Dinit I have a good reason to be?’
“But, after all, I did break one of your laws.”
Well, what do you think they’re for?’
:did you really think that we want those laws to be observed?” asked Dr. Ferris. WE WANT them broken. You’d better get straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against then you’ll know that this is not the age for beautiful gestures. We’re after power and we mean it. You fellows were pikers, but we know the real trick, and you’d better get wise to it. There’s one way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted-and you create a nation of law-breakers-and then you cash in on guilt. Now that the system, Mr. Rearden, that’s the game and once you understand it  you will be much easier to deal with.”

This book was written in the 50’s. Was the author able to see into the future? This one passage so describes exactly what the world is today that it is scary to say the least.  We, Shane and I, and the many others that we know are in the same boat as us, are prime examples of this one passage. We really didn’t do anything wrong we did no abuse to anything we all did our best within our capabilities and our beliefs to do the right thing but the world has no room any longer for doing the right thing.  The basic commandment in any religion is “Do no harm” yet now it seems the basic commandment is harm anyone as long as it advances YOUR goal, your power. That is not something that I can grasp or do. Now like a child my heart cries “its not fair!” but nobody in power cares what is fair for me or my family as long as THEY advance in THEIR world.  When was it ever right for a stupid law that makes animals more important than human lives? That the protection of animals lives trumps the protection of human lives and the destruction of families? No matter what the laws say that will NEVER be right morally or ethically. It is never right to harm animals but to make up harm so that one can say I am better than you and disregard the damage and destruction that statement creates to human lives on a trumped up LIE? NEVER! What level of depravity has this world sunk to to put animals above us humans? WE run the world not animals. Those that profess to care (snort) so deeply about animals only do so when it suits them. You do not see them allowing roaches to co-habitat with them or other vermin. but aren’t they too animals?  Their love and concern only goes so far as to advance their cause.  When there is no gain for them they drop the pose of loving animals and show their true colors of really loving only themselves.

I am so glad I chose to read this book now. If I had read it as a child I would have NEVER grasped it. NOW it means so much to me.
This describes my life: “” You, who know from your work that one bears punishment only for being wrong- what have you been willing to bear and for reason? All your life, you have heard yourself denounced, not for your faults, but for your greatest virtues. You have been hated, not for your mistakes, but for your achievements, You have been scorned for all these qualities of character which are your highest pride. You have been called selfish for the courage of acting on your own judgement and bearing sole responsibility for your independent mind….. You who’ve kept them all alive, have been called an exploiter. Have you stopped to ask them: by what right? by what code? by what standard? “”

Man oh man does that EVER fit my life.  Short and sweet this evil world HATES good and seeks to destroy it by fair means or foul. I so now understand why Caryn is doing what she is doing to us. I doubt SHE really understands why but now I do.  I did something she could not by my own steam and the grace of GOD.  I made her look bad ,unintentionally I admit, but I did. And she could not let it stand. Not that she or anyone had that right but she THOUGHT she did by virtue of being here first.

“Do you care to purchase- at the price of your great endurance, at the price of your agony- the satisfaction of the needs of your own destroyers?”” NO! A thousand times NO! But that is EXACTLY what we are doing aren’t we. Our pain, suffering and destruction to please those that do it to us. Ah but they can only hurt us if we attach significance to their opinion. That is where they fail. We do not care about their opinion about us, I do not see that I am or was ever wrong so they can not make me feel guilty. I do not respect their judgement so it means nothing to me.  An issue of guilt has to rest on my acceptance of their code of justice that pronounces me guilty. I  do not accept it and never will. I feel no guilt shame, or regret. I have lost respect for them long ago so their judgement does not hurt me unless I let it. And that pisses them off beyond belief! Try as they will they will not destroy me or us. They use my own goodness and sense of right and wrong against me.  Like the book says: “To count upon his virtue and use it as an instrument of torture, to practice blackmail with the victim’s generosity as sole means of extortion, to accept the gift of a man’s good will and turn it into a tool for the givers destruction….. the formula of so monstrous an evil that he was able to name it but not to believe it possible. “

THAT is what the world has become. an unbelievable evil.  Total evil. That is how I so feel. How do I defend myself when I feel as though I have done no wrong? And by going along with it justifies their actions and gives them permission to ill use us as they are.

I so wonder how THAT would sit with the attorney if I broached it to him. Would he even understand? Here is what I understand to be true. On day 6 God created us humans. Where did he place us? In a garden with animals and commanded us to care for it. God made us farmers first and in the act of caring for HIS creation and using it we pay homage to HIM and His creation. Why did I do something that was wrong in the eyes of the court? I did it because I do not see it as wrong. I have no problem obeying just and fair laws. This order was both unjust and unfair. It denied me both the right and the ability to care for myself and while still free made me a prisoner of what the public and world decided to allow me to have not what I could create and do for myself.  No man or court  has the right to order me to chose between a mans law or order and Gods. Why it would be more wrong to make us beggars just because a man ordered it and leave us destitute  than disregard a mans order to do what God made me capable of doing and profit from it. To beg just because a man says so is wrong when we are perfectly capable of caring for our own needs if we disregard that order and follow Gods rules. I was just following my orders is not a justification for becoming a taker when we all know that I am perfectly capable of supporting me and mine. Guilt is the only way that they can beat us. If I feel guilty then I do not fight because I believe I deserve the punishment. But if I do not feel guilty then I will never stop fighting and they can not beat me but I beat them. I have to stand for my standards and my beliefs or I will fall for anything. My conscience is clean. I m not guilty of any crime and nor will I let them TELL me that I am . I can face my Lord calmly knowing I have done what is right in HIS eyes and that is what matters. I have not sinned against anyone it is they who have sinned against me by attempting to forbid me to follow Gods commandments and laws.

We took the plea that we did under duress and because we had no recourse but to do so. What sane person would risk liberty and life on the mercy of those that are anxious to destroy us? WE never had a chance to defend ourselves or speak to our defense.


She is right you know.

Now for the real question is will the world ever understand this? Probably not. And in the meanwhile innocent people like the Duhons will fight for the very right to just exist and live their lives according to their beliefs without having to worry about some nameless, faceless ‘THEY’ coming in and destroying all that they have worked, sweated and labored for  in the blink of an eye on the basis of a lie.

Many others will just give up and “follow the rules” because the fight is too painful and too hard. This injustice needs to be drug kicking and screaming into the light. How can it be called Justice when REAL criminals are getting away with everything including murder and the innocent are getting railroaded into prisons for not being able to pay a bill and choosing to follow a greater law, laws above mans laws, to care for and feed their families?

How can this prosecutor take it back to square one anyway?!? Wouldn’t that be double jeopardy?!?  ROTFLOL!!! Oh my, let the feathers be ruffled and the fur fly!!!

To be continued in November

Link of interest: http://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/update-special-interest-groups-of-animal-rights-extremist-terrorists-want-to-control-the-decision-of-the-court-part-ii/

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ZOO WARS~MATTER OF EXTREME IMPORTANCE!!!~Petition~ Ask FWC NOT to Approve an Unsafe Enclosure

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More than disgusted that Carole and Howard Baskin of Big Cat Rescue/BCR/Wildlife on Easy Street/WOES, only received a warning and not even a citation after putting a leopard in an unapproved enclosure without a top. Florida has NEVER approved for a leopard or a jaguar to be in a cage without a top on the enclosure althou Baskin insinuates that the Florida regulations have recently changed when they have NOT!!! It’s always been the rule when the regulations were first written and enforced So what does that say for following the regulations in Florida?!? Apparently, it means that some people will only get a warning while others will receive a citation or worse yet, their animals confiscated. FWC can’t have it both ways.

Carole and Howard Baskin have run around this country promoting the Big Cat Safety Act, creating laws, regulations and bans-Yet, can’t obey the regulations in their own state and then only get a warning after putting HUMAN lives in danger…Please sign the petition and share wildly!!!

Follow this link to the petition, sign and SHARE this post WILDLY!!!


Ask FWC Not to Approve the requested Exemption that would allow Big Cat Rescue Tampa to continue Endangering the lives of human beings.

According to Ch 10 News, The Florida Wildlife Commission confirms they have issued a unsafe Leopard Enclosure warning to Big Cat Rescue Tampa.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Executive Director, Nick Wiley
Inspector General, Mike Troelstrup
Mike Deeson, WTSP News
Major Ron Cave

We the Petitioners ask FWC Not to Approve – the requested Exemption that would allow Big Cat Rescue Tampa to continue Endangering the lives of human beings.According to Ch 10 News, The Florida Wildlife Commission confirms they have issued a unsafe Leopard Enclosure warning to BCR.
http://www.news10.com/story/26726339/big-cat-rescue-issued-warning-for-leopard-enclosureAccording to BCR, the…

We the Petitioners ask FWC Not to Approve – the requested Exemption that would allow Big Cat Rescue Tampa to continue Endangering the lives of human beings.According to Ch 10 News, The Florida Wildlife Commission confirms they have issued a unsafe Leopard Enclosure warning to BCR.
http://www.news10.com/story/26726339/big-cat-rescue-issued-warning-for-leopard-enclosureAccording to BCR, the Florida Wildlife Commission inspectors said they saw no way a leopard could escape their vacation rotation enclosure and they issued a warning, not a citation, because they believed it was clear that no harm was intended and no harm would have come of the situation?

BCR Quote
“Since we were obviously not aware of the rule and there was no imminent danger, they issued a warning, instead of a citation.

Is FWC unaware that from 1996 – 2003 there have been several incidents of Loose Big Cats and Big Cat Attacks with lawsuits at Wildlife on Easy St/BCR Tampa?

FWC Investigation Report
The complaint was Received on: 9/28/2014
The Inspection given on: 10/2/2014
Why did it take FWC 4 days to respond to a dangerous threat to the public?

BCR claims that the actual rule is confusing, however it is very clear the rule states that Leopards and jaguars shall not be kept in uncovered enclosures.

68A-6.004 Standard Caging Requirements for Captive Wildlife.
(4) Carnivores and Certain Omnivores with Similar Requirements:
c. Outdoor cages over 1,000 square feet (uncovered) for cougars shall have vertical jump walls at least 10 feet high, with a 4-foot, 45 degree, inward angle overhang. Leopards and jaguars shall not be kept in uncovered enclosures except in facilities with wet or dry moats, which have been previously approved in writing by the Commission.

BCR further attempts to place blame elsewhere by calling the complaint ridiculous and a diversion from the work of passing the Big Cats & Public Safety Act. Please Note – The Big Cats & Public Safety Act is being promoted by BCR Tampa – a facility that publicly states they do not know or follow the current State Regulations on Public Safety and Big Cats.

Why would a Big Cat expert not know the natural ability of a leopard?

It is common knowledge that the leopard can climb and jump higher than any other big cat and is the master of stealth and they are so strong and comfortable in trees that they often haul the bodies of large animals into the branches. Their unique anatomy allows them to climb Very well whether old, arthritic or declawed and leopards wrists Lock which gives them the ability to climb so well, while using their digits like fingers extracting one toe, two toes.. etc.. They can run up to 36 miles per hour, leap 20 feet forward in a single bound and jump 10 feet straight into the air from a stand still.

How long has BCR been endangering the public and the animals in their care? See Nyla in the Vacation area a few days before her death on DOD 3/16/14. How close are the Trees to the fences in the back of this photo?
A facility that gives paid tours and located in a well populated area of a strip mall.

Leopards at BCR living in inhumane water soaked grounds.

[Your name]


Link of interest:


To sign the petition go here:


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EBOLA~Know Why the Dog (and other animals) is Part of this Conversation

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I would have never thought that I would have to be concerned about such deadly viruses, usually associated with 3rd world countries, as we are facing today; this seriously reminds me of a B-grade sci-fi movie, like that walker (Zombie) flick (there’s several-take your pick including first rate Walking Dead on AMC) ALL searching for a cure but that’s become a reality and exactly what’s going on right now-There’s no vaccine to prevent this although, the United States holds the patent for Ebola*. But that’s what’s happening and apparently there is a fear that animals could be carriers without showing signs of the disease itself; the possibly is still unknown at this time…Maybe this is part of an AR propaganda but came across this concerning animals and Ebola and figured I’d share it…Me and Rover are very attached to each other and will remain side by side…Ebola in humans reminds me of parvo in dogs-Rover is vaccinated against that!!!

As a dog owner I am alarmed that the dog in Spain owned by an Ebola victim was euthanized and the one in the US is in quarantine (I sure hope that’s going better than the quarantine for people-Obviously, that’s not been so great!!! Pretty pathetic actually. and isn’t Dallas Animal Services the ones that left a cat to die in a wall?!? ekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk) So what’s really going on?!?


Ebola: Understanding Viral Transmission, Pathogenesis and Why the Dog is Part of the Conversation

In the news recently there have been reports of three health care workers, one in Spain and two in the United States, who have been diagnosed with Ebola virus. Two of these women are also dog owners.  The dog in Spain was euthanized in the interest of public health. The dog in the United States is currently quarantined.

To better understand why dogs are part of the conversation and why these two countries reacted differently, a better understanding of Ebola virus is necessary.

Viruses are ranked on a biosafety level (BSL) scale from 1 – 4, with 4 being the most severe. Ebola is a BSL4 pathogen, for which there are no approved therapeutics or vaccines. The virus is transmitted from one individual to another through the exchange of bodily fluids and enters the body through exposed cuts or mucous membranes, such as an individual’s mouth or nose.

Public health officials are concerned about the role of dogs in Ebola virus transmission because there is scientific evidence that another mammal, the bat, is a reservoir for the disease. A reservoir host is one that carries the virus, is asymptomatic (displaying no symptoms of infectious virus), and that transmits the disease to humans or to other animals.

Based upon a research study in 2005 we know that feral dogs in African villages where there have been large scale epidemics seroconvert to Ebola. Seroconversion means the dogs have been exposed to virus and have produced antibodies specific for Ebola virus. Seroconversation does not imply production of infectious virus that can be transmitted to people or other animals. In other words, this study indicates that Ebola virus breached the dog’s mucosal barrier, was recognized by the canine immune system as being foreign and the body responded by producing anti-Ebola antibodies. In this study, dogs were described as being asymptomatic, and there was no evidence that virus was transmitted between dogs or from dogs to any other host.

In summary, there is currently no evidence that exposed dogs become productively infected and shed Ebola virus. So while there have been documented cases in Africa where dogs are exposed and respond to this exposure by producing anti-Ebola antibodies, there has been no evidence that the dogs infect people or other animals. Because there are unknowns in the Ebola chain of transmission, public health officials in Spain erred on the side of caution and chose to humanely euthanize the dog. In the United States, public officials have quarantined the dog in order to monitor him and perhaps arrive at a better understanding of what role, if any, the dog may have in the chain of transmission.

Help make strides in canine immunology and infectious disease research by supporting the work of the AKC Canine Health Foundation. Your donation will help researchers find better treatments and more accurate diagnoses that not only impact our dogs, but impact humans as well.

Fact Sheet

What is Ebola?

Ebola is a lipid enveloped, filamentous, negative-sense virus with an RNA genome. The virus is transmitted from one individual to another through exchange of bodily fluids and enters through exposed cuts or mucous membranes (mouth, nose, etc.).

What does all this scientific jargon mean?

“Lipid enveloped”:

Lipid enveloped viruses contain a lipid bilayer coat (outer membrane of a cell) that protects their genome and helps them enter (infect) cells. The lipid bilayer of Ebola is composed of the same lipids as human cells and scientists believe this lipid coat may be extracted from lipid rafts of human cells as new virions “bud” or leave cells after intracellular expansion of the virus. Contained within the lipid bilayer of Ebola are virus proteins that help the virus infect new cells and contribute to its replication. All together, the lipid bilayer performs three functions, 1) to cloak the virus from the immune system because it closely resembles normal host cells, 2) to facilitate binding of virus to cells and entry in lipid-to-lipid interactions, and 3) to facilitate viral replication.

“Negative-sense RNA”:

Mammalian genetic code is DNA to RNA to protein. There are multiple forms of RNA synthesized by mammalian cells, and it is the messenger form of RNA, abbreviated as mRNA, that is translated into protein. Unlike mammals, some viruses (such as Ebola) use RNA rather than DNA as their genetic code. RNA viruses are further classified according to the “sense” or polarity of their RNA.  Positive-sense viral RNA is similar to mammalian mRNA and as a result can be immediately translated by the host cell after infection into viral protein. Negative-sense viral RNA is the mirror image of mRNA, consequently it must be converted to positive-sense RNA by an enzyme called RNA polymerase before translation into protein. As such purified RNA of a negative-sense virus is not infectious by itself and needs to be transcribed into positive-sense RNA to make viral protein that can be assembled into new, infectious virus particles. The Ebola genome encodes seven proteins named nucleoprotein, VP24, VP30, VP35, L protein, transmembrane glycoprotein and the matrix protein VP40.

Viral Replication and Infectivity:

Viruses are unique pathogens in that they use host cell machinery to make their viral proteins and assemble new virus particles, or virions. In other words, they carry their genetic blueprint with them but have the cell they infect do all production and assembly of new virions. Conceptually, they hijack cellular factories in order to replicate. In order for Ebola to infect and replicate it must be able to accomplish two things: it must enter a host cell and it must utilize host cell machinery to produce new virions that can then go on to infect the next individual. This is termed “productive infection.” In the absence of those two things Ebola infection does not spread and would be considered “abortive infection,” meaning the process ends because replication cannot occur. We do not know if canine cells can be invaded by Ebola virus and we do not know if Ebola can hijack the cellular machinery of canine cells to make new virus particles.

Pathogenesis of Ebola:

The cause, or pathogenesis of disease is not completely understood. In humans the virus targets and replicates within cells of the immune system, including monocytes, macrophages and dendritic cells. Using these cells for transport, the virus disseminates to lymph nodes, liver and spleen. From there the virus expands to other cell types including endothelial cells (cells that line the blood vessels), fibroblasts, hepatocytes (liver cells) and adrenal cells. Ebola virus subverts immune system function and disables the primary anti-viral machinery of immune cells by inhibiting the type I interferon response system. In contrast, the virus strongly activates the inflammatory response, inducing excessive release of proinflammatory mediators (known as cytokines) that contribute to dysregulation of coagulation (blood clotting), endothelial barrier integrity, systemic inflammation, and ultimately multiorgan failure and death. It is this excessive inflammation that causes the symptoms of disease: gastrointestinal symptoms, rash, hemorrhage from mucous membranes, fever, neurologic dysfunction and shock.

Are dogs part of the chain of transmission of virus?

Infectious virus must be produced in a sufficient quantity and be provided a method of transport in order to be spread from host to host. Based on other better established viral transmission models, we know that viral amplification in an intermediate host is a prerequisite for transmission. As mentioned above, we do not know if the dog’s intracellular machinery can support viral replication, packaging and formation of infectious viral particles, nor do we know how the dog might shed virus for transmission to another host if it is asymptomatic. Extensive research is necessary to answer this question. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is currently working on recommendations for handling, testing and treatment of companion animals associated with human cases, and that information will be forthcoming.


1) Clinical features and pathobiology of Ebolavirus infection. Ansari, AA. J Autoimmun. 2014 Sep 23. epub ahead of print.

2) Membrane binding and bending in Ebola VP40 assembly and egress. Stahelin, RV. Front Microbiol. 2014 Jun 18;5:300.

3) Ebola virus antibody prevalence in dogs and human risk.. Allela L, Boury O, Pouillot R, Délicat A, Yaba P, Kumulungui B, Rouquet P, Gonzalez JP, Leroy EM. Emerg Infect Dis. 2005 Mar;11(3):385-90.


*more references that might be of interest:


U.S. Government Patented Ebola! Why?

Who has the most to gain by a worldwide outbreak of Ebola? Whoever can sell a solution to the problem, right? And just who might that be? Global pharmaceutical companies to the rescue!

Who else might be interested in being perceived as a hero sent to rescue millions of damsels and dudes in distress? Big Government is here to protect you! And control you, because with protection comes control.

So, here we have two huge entities supposedly here helping us from outside invaders, albeit the tiniest of enemies being single cell viruses, but just how outside are they? What if I were to tell you that one of those big ‘helper’ entities actually had a patent on Ebola? Sound far-fetched? One guess which of the two big happy helpers it is. Drug companies, right? …Wrong. It’s big government. Specifically, The United States of America.

Before you dismiss this as far-fetched or even impossible, just run a simple free patent search under the keyword ‘Ebola’. Not only will you see that Uncle Sam owns the patent on Ebola, but they also own the rights to all variations on Ebola, with the rights to all Ebola research. The official owner of this Ebola patent is: The Government of the US as Represented by the Secretary of the Dept. of Health. Essentially, it is a patent issued by The United States government to The United States government.

Please, look up U.S. patent number 20120251502, and then read the rest of this article—if you dare.

…Now you know what very few people know–that Ebola is not only able to be patented, but that patent is owned by the U.S. government! So ask yourself one question: What word is synonymous with patentable creations or inventions? …You guessed it: Inventors.

So is it possible that Ebola was actually invented?

Regardless of whether or not the original Ebola virus was a government invented germ biological warfare agent or whether the current Ebola virus is a variation of the original virus, one thing is for sure: this current strain of Ebola appears to have the potential of killing millions—if not billions—of people.

So if and when the dynamic duo of big government and big pharma announce that they have a vaccine or antidote to Ebola, should we trust them enough to let them inject their liquid solution into our tender, trusting arms?

Never mind the fact that even the Centers for Disease Control admitted that they had 10 to 30 million polio vaccines that they said may have been contaminated with SV-40 polyomavirus, a major suspected cancer agent. What is the choice we are given? Ebola or a big government, big pharma vaccine? Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. More like being stuck with a sharp prick.

Of course, a likely scenario will be the government announcing they are approving a fast-tracked vaccine by some pharmaceutical company that got a special government waiver from all liability since the wonder drug company worked day and night to come up with a solution to a global pandemic. And we certainly wouldn’t want to leave big pharma liable for hurting us in any way or allowing other time released scourges embedded within the solution.

To be continued…



Pet Animals Become Victims of Ebola Scare In Ivory Coast

From monkeys to big cats, people in Ivory Coast like to keep wild animals as pets but are now rethinking the custom with the deadly Ebola virus sweeping neighbouring countries.

A visit to the zoo in the economic capital Abidjan quickly demonstrated the concerns. The institution has begun to take in animals abandoned by owners, aware that wild beasts can be vectors of the highly contagious haemorrhagic fever.

The green cages in one section of the zoo have filled up with abandoned or donated animals, but nobody is allowed to visit them since the area is a quarantine zone.

Behind the bars of one cage, monkeys chattered, grunted and gesticulated with excitement. A sign makes it clear that none carry the virus, but they have nonetheless been isolated to prevent possible contamination.

Julie, a two-year-old chimpanzee, showed off and scampered around, asking to be petted. Charlotte, a red baboon, leapt frantically around the cage. Louise, a medium-sized monkey with a white belly and nose, sat stoically on a bar amid the racket. The two males sharing the cage were new and had yet to be named.

- ‘An animal spreading panic’ -

Pet animals become victims of Ebola scare in Ivory Coast
The green cages in one section of the zoo have filled up with abandoned or donated animals, but nobody is allowed to visit them since the area is a quarantine zone. Picture: Getty Images

From monkeys to big cats, people in Ivory Coast like to keep wild animals as pets but are now rethinking the custom with the deadly Ebola virus sweeping neighboring countries.

A visit to the zoo in the economic capital Abidjan quickly demonstrated the concerns. The institution has begun to take in animals abandoned by owners, aware that wild beasts can be vectors of the highly contagious hemorrhagic fever.

The green cages in one section of the zoo have filled up with abandoned or donated animals, but nobody is allowed to visit them since the area is a quarantine zone.

Behind the bars of one cage, monkeys chattered, grunted and gesticulated with excitement. A sign makes it clear that none carry the virus, but they have nonetheless been isolated to prevent possible contamination.

Julie, a two-year-old chimpanzee, showed off and scampered around, asking to be petted. Charlotte, a red baboon, leapt frantically around the cage. Louise, a medium-sized monkey with a white belly and nose, sat stoically on a bar amid the racket. The two males sharing the cage were new and had yet to be named.

- ‘An animal spreading panic’ -

The youngest arrival, a small red monkey about 30 centimeters (almost one foot) tall, came to the zoo at the beginning of September in circumstances that highlight the fear of Ebola.

The disease has killed almost 1,800 people across closed borders in neighboring Liberia and Guinea alone and a total 2,600 in the four countries where the disease has hit,  including Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

The zoo’s vet, Daouda Soro, said that he had been summoned in haste to Abidjan’s military hospital to deal with “an animal who was spreading panic”. When he got there, he found a “very small (monkey) who was sleepy but shivering with hunger”.

“It was above all Ebola that caused the panic,” Soro told AFP.

As for Charlotte, she was abandoned on the street by her owner. Informed of her endangered state by passersby, Soro sped to the scene to find the baboon surrounded by people armed with “stones and clubs (who) wanted to kill her”, he said.

Three weeks later, the three-year-old female was clearly doing much better. Whenever her caretaker Charles Aby Yapi turned his back, Charlotte confidently set about normal primate behavior trying to pick fleas and ticks off him.

The newcomers “are not aggressive,” Yapi said with a smile. The only employee authorized to look after quarantined animals, he wears gloves in the cages and systematically washes his boots in disinfectant.

Even if they are not carrying the Ebola virus, the beasts taken in by the zoo could be infected with a range of diseases, and at risk of contaminating other animals.

“As soon as we can, we’ll put the (isolated arrivals) in the zoo” with their own kind, said deputy director Richard Champion, who specified that “the length of quarantine depends on the species.”

Strident howls suddenly erupted during the visit. Julie was calling for help. The chilly chimpanzee took fright when Yapi vanished out of sight after putting her in a more comfortable cage so that she could spend the night in a blanket.

- ‘Ebola doesn’t hide in bushes’ -

“We have already had to turn down about 10 animals” for lack of space in the quarantine zone and in compliance with strict regulations, Soro said.

Instead, advice is being made available to pet owners so that they can go on looking after their monkeys until there is more room in quarantine and places become free.

However, the situation could rapidly worsen if a case of Ebola is diagnosed in Ivory Coast. “That would certainly create panic. So people will abandon their animals,” zoo director Samouka Kane said.

The number of beasts people might then want to drop off at the zoo would grow exponentially because domesticating wild animals for company is a widely established practice.

Most animals in the zoo, apart from the elephant but including the leopard, have already been donated by people who no longer wanted to keep such pets at home once they were full-grown, Champion said.

Visitors benefit from the range of wildlife, but ever fewer people have been coming to the zoo since there is widespread but mistaken concern that any wild beast might be a carrier of Ebola.

Researchers worldwide have postulated that the fruit bat is a primary vector that may have passed on the disease to forest antelopes and primates, popularly eaten in many African countries as “bush meat”, but there are no certainties.

Kane recalled how one woman who entered the zoo “on tiptoe” panicked and told him how she was “looking everywhere” to try to spot the virus.

“I told her that Ebola doesn’t hide in the bushes,” he said with a laugh. “Nor in the eyes of an animal.”


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

ZOO WARS~Please Sigh the Petition and SHARE WILDLY!!!~Tell Ohio’s Governor to Stop This Action Against A Private Exotic Animal Owner~Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists Nazi Commandos In Action

•October 18, 2014 • 5 Comments

This is so wrong on so many levels!!! PROTECTED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!! Creating an unreasonable law and then taking away property (the animals) based on a persons inability to met the new law althou there has never been a problem with the owner and/or his animals is outrageous, especially when he’s a longstanding member of his community, done  some pretty wonderful things with his animals for the community, USDA licensed and regulated and should have been grandfathered in!!! ALL BEING DONE AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!!! This action makes Kenny Hetrick a criminal for trying to keep his PROPERTY-his animals!!! Protected Constitutional Civil Liberty for Life, Liberty and Property Ownership

These animals are old and may not be able to survive relocation All  because Ohio established a law based on opinions from Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists who make their living BULLYING Private Exotic Animal Owners; Tim Harrison (Elephant in the Living Room-HYPOCRITE), ALDF, Carole Baskin, CEO-Big Cat Rescue (Carole, and husband, Howard Baskin currently earning $$50 GRAND EACH from money donated for animal care-HYPOCRITES), Tippy Hedron (HYPOCRITE), Jack Hanna (media hound who earns  his living hiring animals from Private Exotic Animal Owners-HYPOCRITE) and other Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist Nazi Commandos-ALL HYPOCRITES!!!

The Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist Nazi Commandos are about to take action against a private exotic animal owner. All being done at taxpayer expense to take animals from their rightful owner.

Please help send this message to the governor of Ohio by following the link and signing the petition!!! SHARE this message wildly!!!


Governor of Ohio: keep tigerridge exotics open

Kenny Hetrick of Tigerridge exotics has been home to many, many exotic big cats. He has been open free of charge 365 days a year for over 20 years. He currently has 12 big cats and a grizzly bear.

The state of Ohio has made a law that is completely unattainable in order to keep the animals.

The law has gone  into effect Jan 1 2014. The requirements are ridiculous and are only a means to the end of exotic animal owners like Kenny, who supports all his own animals out of his pocket. He has been USDA licensed since 1989 and has provided a safe and healthy environment for the animals. We are in need of all the public support to fight this.. This is a whole lot bigger then we are and need as much support we can get. You can visit facebook page save tiger ridge exotics for more information and pictures.

This is not some road side zoo, this is a place where thousands of people have brought their families to see some of the most beautiful creatures on earth.These animals are well taken care of, and have never harmed anyone.

We just want them to be able to finish out their lives at home where they belong. we just received notice that we have 10 days as of Oct 8th to surrender the animals or be criminally charged. The animals are in extreme danger of being yanked from the only home they have ever known to be either killed or placed in another facility no better than ours…

Message to the Governor of Ohio: 

Keep tigerridge exotics open. We have done nothing wrong. It is not fair to punish everyone for one man’s mistakes. We have been USDA licensed since 1989 and have been upstanding caretakers of these animals. There is no better place for them to live out the rest of their lives then right here at home and NO ONE better to take care of them then Kenny Hetrick.. I urge you to reconsider your…

keep tigerridge exotics open. We have done nothing wrong. It is not fair to punish everyone for one man’s mistakes. We have been USDA licensed since 1989 and have been upstanding caretakers of these animals. There is no better place for them to live out the rest of their lives then right here at home and NO ONE better to take care of them then Kenny Hetrick.. I urge you to reconsider your decision.
Mr. Hetrich has PROTCTED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS that can not be ignored by the state for a longtime resident in good standing and yet, under ‘the color of law’ is making an attempt to STEAL his animals. Any state that would create unreasonable laws and then make plans to enforce them is unreasonable and outright MEAN!!! This petition in reply to their plan to take away the animals and press criminal charges next week unless Mr. Hetrick surrenders his animals-I hope he stands his ground and people rally to his side!!!

State denies extension for owner of local animal sanctuary

STONY RIDGE, Ohio — A local exotic-animal rescuer has been denied an extension of time to get in compliance with state regulations.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture sent a letter to Tiger Ridge Exotics off Fremont Pike in Stony Ridge last week with a 10-day ultimatum to either surrender the animals to the state or the animals will be seized and owner Kenny Hetrick will face charges in Perrysburg Municipal Court.

Mr. Hetrick has not obtained a permit as required by an exotic animal law enacted in 2012. He has six tigers and a black leopard, which are considered endangered animals; two lions, a Kodiak brown bear, a liger, a bobcat, and a wolf hybrid.

RELATED ARTICLE: State may close exotic animal refuge

Andrew Schuman, a Bowling Green attorney representing Mr. Hetrick, asked Kyle Silvers, the special prosecutor from Toledo-based Shindler, Neff, Holmes, Worline & Mohler, for an extension, but said he was told “they’d been working with him for too long.”

“It’s not that [Mr. Hetrick] doesn’t want to comply, it’s just a question of money,” Mr. Schuman said. “I can’t stop them from filing a complaint against him in court. If it comes to that, we’ll defend it.”

Mr. Schuman is the former special prosecutor for the Wood County Humane Society, a title Ms. Silvers now holds. He said he has visited Tiger Ridge with his family several times since about 2006 and offered to take the case. [BLOGGERS NOTE: Animal Rights special prosecutor hired by the state-All this costing the taxpayer even more money-The penitentiary for exotic animals already cost the Ohio taxpayers millions and will destroy an old mans life-Anyone living in Ohio should be alarmed by this as the purpose for the new law is based on could be rather than fact-an outrageous presumption and the law protects no one.]

Mr. Hetrick said he is working to complete the permit application now and send it in with the $1,000 fee.

Tiger Ridge is not an accredited sanctuary with the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, so it is not exempt from the law. Mr. Hetrick said he cannot afford many of the state’s stipulations, such as increased fencing and a $500,000 insurance policy. [BLOGGERS NOTE: The law is discriminating]

“I’m trying to get into compliance with what they want,” he said. “I’m doing all I can do.”

Word of his situation has spread, and people nationwide have contacted him. Two online fund-raisers, two Facebook pages, and an online petition are supporting him, as are many individuals. He estimated people have raised several thousand dollars on his behalf.


Links of interest: http://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/10/12/zoo-warsus-animal-rights-extremistterrorist-nazi-comandos-in-action/            ZOO WARS~US Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist Nazi Commandos in Action

http://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/zoo-warsinvestigative-reportbig-cat-rescuecarole-baskin-lives-for-the-power-and-bragging-rights/  ZOO WARS~Investigative Report Big Cat Rescue-Carole Baskin Lives for the Power and the Bragging Rights

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


message from TX-RPOA~Update Associated Dog Clubs of New York State against the USDA

•October 14, 2014 • 2 Comments

How is it that their is such little regard for PROTECTED CONSTITIONAL CIVIL LIBERTIES-including a government agency?!? Hard to believe that they can create laws that are impossible to meet and private citizens then have to pay for attorney help to fight it.


from TX-RPOA

October 9th Oral Hearing Report is posted on the KODA site:
http://www.keepourdomesticanimals.com regarding the Associated Dog Clubs of
New York State (ADCNYS) lawsuit against APHIS/USDA’s new rule requiring
licensing of all pet breeders with more than four “breeding females”
(undefined), who sell/transfer even one offspring “sight unseen.” Shocking,
but true: HSUS sought and was granted the right to intervene as a
“defendant.” And one of the reasons HSUS cited for intervening was their
concern that USDA would withdraw the Rule and do a new rulemaking! Only
Phil Hecht (KODA) and Tim Johnson (DOJ) spoke. HSUS lawyers Aaron Green and
Kimberly Ockene were present and at the table with USDA but they did not
speak. USDA regulations are NOT simply basic standards of animal care and
are impossible to meet in a home setting, which HSUS knows! State Animal
Cruelty Laws apply equally to ALL animal owners, so this new law is an
agenda and isn’t necessary.

Interesting also to read this Press report on the lawsuit hearing:

WASHINGTON DC – Chihuahua breeders are snapping at new federal rules that
regulate Internet pet dealers. And they’re part of a larger pack.

From Russell terrier owners in Lexington, Ky., to miniature Australian
shepherd fanciers in Red Oak, Texas, dog breeder organizations – and some
feline allies – are challenging the Agriculture Department’s imposition of
tougher standards on pet breeders who sell to remote buyers.

The licensing and inspection standards imposed last year were billed as a
crackdown on Internet puppy mills. Groups such as the Chihuahua Club of
America, the American Russell Terrier Club and the Miniature Australian
Shepherd Club of America, though, think the rules also burden innocent pet

“The rules are an unjustified regulatory overreach,” attorney Philip
Herbert Hecht said during a court hearing Thursday, adding that federal
officials “have used a blunderbuss to kill a fly.”

The new rules regulate “sight unseen” sales, where the buyer and seller are
physically separate. The Agriculture Department estimated that the new
rules cover 2,600 to 4,600 dog breeders and roughly 325 cat breeders.
Skeptics say this underestimates the impact.

The Agriculture Department further estimates that covered breeders would
have to pay only several hundred dollars to comply. Skeptics contend the
costs could be much higher, particularly for breeders who must make
physical modifications.

Covered breeders must ensure that their kennels meet requirements that
cover space, sanitation, ventilation, lighting and other elements*.*

Betsy Atkinson, for instance, is a New York dog breeder who estimated in
an affidavit that it would cost “between $10,000 and $15,000″ to modify her
kennel to federal standards. Seattle-area resident Kornelia Surmann
declared in an affidavit that she stopped breeding the rare Kurilian
bobtail cat
because she couldn’t afford the compliance costs.

The Obama administration defends the rules as appropriate, and well within
the Agriculture Department’s authority.

“The secretary of agriculture believes monitoring must be in place when
there is a risk of animal mistreatment,” Justice Department attorney
Timothy A. Johnson said Thursday, adding that the costs are “more than
outweighed by the benefit that animals will be treated humanely and well.”

During the 50-minute oral argument Thursday, U.S. District Judge
Christopher Cooper didn’t explicitly tip his hand. At times, though, he
pressed the government’s attorney about what evidence demonstrates the
seriousness of the problem.

“How many complaints were there?” Cooper asked, following up later by
asking, “What in the record supports the proportionality of the response?”

Johnson conceded he lacked specific information on complaints, while Hecht
said documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act revealed there
have only been “a handful.” Taken together, this could undermine the
Agriculture Department’s defense of the rules, which, Cooper said, impose
“some fairly significant burdens.”

The hearing was to consider a motion for summary judgment, on a lawsuit
that’s rooted in the Animal Welfare Act
<http://awic.nal.usda.gov/government-and-professional-resources/federal-laws /animal-welfare-act> .
The 1966 law imposed licensing and inspection standards but exempted retail
pet stores, at a time when that meant traditional brick-and-mortar stores
or small home-based breeders.

Online pet sales have since proliferated, leading the Agriculture
Department’s inspector general to warn in a 2010 report that “some large
breeders circumvented” the law by selling animals over the Internet while
calling themselves retail pet stores.

“An increasing number of these unlicensed breeders are not monitored for
their animals’ overall health and humane treatment,” investigators noted.

Bills to regulate Internet pet sales were subsequently introduced, but the
Agriculture Department in 2012 proposed eliminating the Internet sales
loophole on its own. After chewing over more than 75,000 public comments,
officials imposed the new rules in September 2013.

While brick-and-mortar retail pet stores where buyer and seller physically
meet are still exempt, businesses that sell pets “sight unseen” over the
Internet or through other means must now be licensed and inspected. The
rules cover any owner who maintains at least five breeding females.

The rules cover other types of pets as well, including gerbils, rats,
chinchillas and snakes.

“We know that if the federal standards are being met, the animals are
getting humane care and treatment,” Edward Avalos, the Agriculture
Department’s undersecretary for marketing and regulatory programs, said
when the rules were imposed.

The Humane Society of the United States <http://www.humanesociety.org/> has
entered the case in support of the department’s rules, declaring at one
point that they mean vulnerable animals “will finally get the protection
they deserve.”

Hecht, based in Washington, and fellow attorney Franklin W. Losey, based in
Navarre, Fla., filed the suit last December asking a judge to set aside the
rule as unjustified and beyond the Agriculture Department’s authority.

A key question for Cooper will be how much deference he owes the
Agriculture Department experts who crafted the rules.

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RPOA Texas Outreach (501 C4 Nonprofit)
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance (501 C3 Nonprofit)
Donations make all things possible!


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Police Officers Receive Training on How to Spot a CRIME By the ASPCA-HUH?!?

•October 14, 2014 • 2 Comments

Don’t even try to tell me this post is a bit radical-A bit radical is when private citizens claim to be the experts and the state police have them come in to train them on how to spot the signs of dogfighting. This is so absurd after following the link at the bottom, you puke in your mouth -just a little of course. These private citizens want to put an end to certain breeds of dogs (BSL) and an end to all animal ownership. These private citizens settled with the Feld Corp for issues of RICO and our government has not made a single arrest for their ‘mob mentality’. But you sure as Hell can bet your bottom dollar there will be an arrest for ‘suspect’ of dogfighting and when they can’t make that charge stick, then they will charge them with animal cruelty-


Gee, I hope they realize that the accused has to be caught ‘in the act’ for there to be a charge of a criminal offense after what the ASPCA ‘taught’ them…

Fictional Scenario and yet, quite probable-possibly has happened that someone or some animal is shot and killed by an overly zealous police officer-No reasonable person would do this but, this police officer has been prepped and hyped up by an Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist Nazi Commander and Chief-Furthermore, he’s been told not only about dogfighting but the ‘tail, tail signs’ (intentional pun) of animal cruelty so it must exist and of course if you can’t charge someone for dogfighting (no one witnessed actual dogfighting); they are taught to fall back on charges of animal cruelty of course… The ASPCA, as ALL other Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists NAZI organizations, believes that ownership means abuse and pit bull dogs simply a causality of the war [note: the ASPCA promotes Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and lobbys for legislative laws with money collected for animal care note: Where HSUS left off, the ASPCA has taken over your TV lately with their commercials of the sad animals IN THEIR CARE!!!] against animal ownership:

Suppose a police office after receiving his ASPCA ‘training’ now goes out on patrol and then drives into a local quiet neighborhood. He spots a pit bull dog, or what he ‘suspects’ is a pit bull dog, outside on a chain. The tires on his squad car come to a screeching halt. The man grabs the radio and reports to headquarters-“We got ourselves one Boss. I’m calling for back up and going in! -Dog on a chain”

With guns drawn, this officer heads up the path to the door. Does he ring the door bell-oh Hell no, he bashes the door in. Meanwhile little Johnny was watching Sesame Street in the living room, mom is in the kitchen making dinner and dad’s not home from work yet. “Hands up” yells the policeman, “Everyone down on the floor.” But little Johnny is scared and goes running to his mom in the kitchen. The sound of the gun is heard; Johnny now falls to the floor. Mom goes screaming out of the kitchen as the policeman grabs her and throws her down to the floor, after all, the ASPCA said the dog outside on a chain is suspect of a dogfighting ring, this woman must be in charge. Johnny lays lifeless as he’s been shot -little Johnny never regains consciousness.

Yep, he got himself one alright-Trained by the ASPCA to spot a dogfighter. But that’s not the end of it-oh Hell no…About then, Dad returns home from work and sees the squad car parked in his driveway. He comes rushing in his home to see what’s wrong calling to his wife. Once again the policeman fires his gun so both little Johnny and his dad are now lying in the middle of the living room floor in a puddle of blood. The only sound you hear is coming from the TV-“Rubber Ducky, your the one, you make bath time…”

Nope the ASPCA denies total responsibility for this yet they instigated this, called themselves the ‘experts on dogfighting’ but no dog was fighting! Only the presence of a dog tied to a tree on a chain, chewing his bone and lying next to a blue barrel that was provided for a dog house (opps, another sign of a dogfighter, blue barrel dog house, according to the ASPCA ‘expert’)

The problem here is they decide that the presence of a dog on a chain lying next to a blue barrel had to be a dogfighter and when it wasn’t; therefore, could/would turn it into an animal cruelty case, the survivor now goes to jail, even though she lost her entire family, the police officer gets his immunity granted; after  all, he was trained by the ASPCA ‘expert’, with the wife now found guilty of animal cruelty when there was no instance of animal cruelty or dogfighting in the first place.

Think it not possible-not only is this possible but as stupid as it sounds -and agreed it sounds really stupid, people charged with dogfighting and/or animal cruelty are subjected to policemen with guns (assault riffles are not uncommon in these instances) and a police officer who is armed and dangerous can and does often use force on his suspect. How many illegal/legal dog kills or children are becoming a causality of the war against animal ownership do you have to read about before you decide that “Wait a minute there’s something wrong with this picture!” Children taken away from their parents in these cases of ‘animal cruelty’ this can not be right!!! -Where’s the evidence?!? They claim that a messy house and/or dirty dishes in the sink indicates animal cruelty, tartar presence on teeth, worms, skin infection, ear mites, long toe nails, etc is all now a sign of animal cruelty-really?!? REALLY!!!

So what started as ‘suspect of dogfighting’ is now a full blown cruelty case and no one admitting they were wrong; had to press charges of something or other…Most these cases are false -FAKE charges of animal cruelty…Just the presence of more than a couple of animals makes a person an animal hoarder-and is considered a crime these days -If hoarding animals is a crime then collections of anything could also be considered a crime if-that’s IF someone else is interested in gaining control over the property that another person owns…

No one has asked a single question about a persons PROTECTED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS that is provided to all US citizens-US citizens are asked to protect our freedom at all costs and look how easily the agenda of the Animal Rights Extremist-now TERRORIST  Nazi can take it away based on the ‘evidence’ of dirty teeth, long toe nails, a skin infection-what have you, when no actual crime was ever committed.

They always claim that the presence of mud after a huge rainstorm is now an animal wallowing in filth-seriously?!? SERIOUSLY!!! Statements with the wild outrageous use of descriptive words of what a picture-A PICTURE admitted into evidence-is the evidence-EVIDENCE- and the judge told what he’s suppose to see in that PICTURE to base his judgment on-seriously?!?-SERIOUSLY!!!

In the courtroom, Protected Constitutional Rights are objected to-seriously?!? SERIOUSLY!!! The warrant, if there was a warrant; defective yet, no matter, none of this is allowed to be brought up in court…The person charged is now forced to prove he wasn’t cruel and to explain the dirty teeth, prove the mud was not feces because they claimed it and showed the court a picture so it must be true, to explain why there were dirty dishes in the sink, explain why appliances were on a counter…but there’s really no defense for such claims when the evidence was a picture and a vet report and the vet claiming themselves an ‘expert’ as they were told to do by the ASPCA (or other Animal Rights Extremist organization that did the training) with the judge told what he’s looking at in testimony-seriously?!? SERIOUSLY!!!

So now I come across an article about the training the police are receiving from you know who-the ASPCA and could have easily been HSUS or even PETA or some other Animal Rights Extremist organization with members claiming to be the ‘experts’ when in truth, are NOT yet, they are doing this training.

Now maybe the tale is a bit over board and far fetched but after all the cases I’ve read and continue to see in the media including the less advertised by the media court cases, all of it conceivable and much of it happening as the police invade our homes and take property and issue citations or simply haul innocent people to jail. Including a federal bankruptcy judge giving these so called ‘experts’ an order to go into a persons private residence and take their property and then the ordascity of the court to award these private citizens (now calling themselves ‘rescuers’) the animals -they very people who made the claim of cruelty-Has occurred as reported on this blog last month-Even a federal judge forgot that a citizen has PROTECTED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS…a private citizen was in bankruptcy court, not a court even allowed to charge a person with animal cruelty, thus less to issue an order for private citizens whose only credentials are that of a NFP IRS clearance -I think we are a bit pushed when a persons life is less important than the life of an animal. The animal, has no protected constitutional rights has no protected rights but the US citizen does and totally ignored because he was alleged to be cruel to animals when he was not and can’t or isn’t allowed to prove his innocence against the ridiculous claim of cruelty and now a priority for the FBI-seriously?!? -I kid you not!!!!-SERIOUSLY!!!

To claim animal fighting they must witness the incident and NOT claim that because a person owns a pit bull, has more than one of these dogs or breeding these dogs, selling these dogs, etc before any such claim can be imposed on a person who has PROTECTED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS as alleged dogfighter.


“Well, if past experience is any indication, then VT is going to start hearing about cases of “dogfighting” every week in the newspaper or on the TV and just all over. All these “officers” who know NOTHING about animal behavior or animal health are going to be finding “dogfighters” under every front porch and at every dog park they see. The people that live in VT are about to find out just how fast the cops can manufacture charges. People have been charged in other states with “dogfighting” just simply for having dogs in the back seat of their car. Have fun, VT, because when the State finds out how much money they can get using accusations of “dogfighting” none of you are going to be safe. Oh, sure, they’ll go after 1 or 2 sensational cases to set the precedent, they always do. But, by then they will be addicted to the eradication of “dogfighting” in the same exact way in which other states are addicted to exposing supposed and unproven “animal hoarding”.” -Michelle Adams


Vt. officers learn to spot the signs of dogfighting


Canine sports drinks, performance enhancing drugs and painkillers: Dog fighting paraphernalia for an illegal sport that law enforcement says is happening more and more in Vermont.

“It’s popping up here and there, whereas maybe a year ago we didn’t even have, you know, one a month,” said Ofc. Milicia Lynds of the Fair Haven Police Dept.

Lynds and 29 other law enforcement and animal control officers took a class Friday on how to investigate dogfighting. It was held at the Vermont Police Academy in Pittsford. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals organized the class.

“Dogfighting is probably one of the most brutal forms of animal abuse,” said Terry Mills of the ASPCA.

Dogfighting is illegal in Vermont, with a possible sentence of up to one year, if convicted.

The ASPCA says the origins of dogfighting date back to the 1750s. Professional pit bulls are trained, much like human boxers, for a big fight. They are placed in a pit and at some point, one of the dogs can’t scratch anymore and the other is declared the winner. The fights can be held in the basements of houses or abandoned buildings.

“The dogs themselves lead a very solitary life, on a chain, for the most part, except when they’re being trained for a fight or actually fighting,” Mills said.

Despite organizations like the ASPCA educating people about the dangers of dogfighting, enthusiasts continue to participate in the illegal sport.

“It’s all about money and egos,” Mills said.

The ASPCA says they have seen fights around the country where the buy-in is $25,000– and all the way up to half a million dollars.

Vermont State Police have made 37 arrests since 2010 for animal cruelty, although those are not broken down specifically for dogfighting.

Recent cases like a Bennington man, who prosecutors say they suspect of dogfighting, have put the spotlight on the activity for Vermont State Police. They asked the ASPCA to come hold the class Friday to further educate officers on how to recognize the crime.*

“On a traffic stop, what to look for, if there’s something in a vehicle, if you’re in somebody’s home and you see the treadmill, you see the blood marks on the walls. You know, things to look for,” Lynds said.

The ASPCA emphasizes that those who are involved in dogfighting may be who you least suspect. They say they’ve busted firefighters, teachers and even veterinarians.


*So at the request of the state police they asked private citizens associated with and Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist organization to hold a class to further educate officers on how to SUSPECT a crime-HUH!?! Of course it doesn’t say that the ASPCA advertises themselves as the ‘experts’ -now on ‘crime’ over and above officer training and offers these classes for free. What BULLSHIT!!! ALL Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists Nazi organizations offer this…

BLOGGERS NOTE: Go here: http://www.aspca.org/fight-cruelty/dog-fighting to read the propaganda put out by the ASPCA…There are numerous links but be warned-it’s a form of Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist BRAINWASHING all leading to Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) against dogs that these private citizens who claim to be the ‘experts’, who aren’t, deem specific breeds to be aggressive in their behavior and claim should be banned-I am against any ban on animal ownership, support breeders in their choice to love a specific breed and their choice to become an animal breeder.

Say NO to Bans on animal ownership!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

ZOO WARS~US Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist Nazi Comandos in Action

•October 12, 2014 • 9 Comments

Mr. Hetrick has PROTECTED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS that are being abused by the new law-No owner can be/should be forced to give up their animals and no government as the right to take away someone’s property based on the creation of a new law that is DISCRIMINATING.

They have built a penitentiary in Reynoldsburg that cost the tax payers in Ohio plenty-MILLIONS!!!-for animals?!?…property?!?-huh?!?…Animals have no rights but people do…and it’s within Mr. Hetrick’s PROTECTED Constitutional Rights to continue to own his animals and not have VALUABLE property taken from him by the government. -A witch-hunt approved by the government and enforced by the government -the government has no interest in animals and certainly not Mr. Hetrick’s!!! They promise to locate a good home for his animals as if he asked or as if those animals have no value when he didn’t and the animals are of great value. Furthermore, the approved list is contaminated with Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists that are merely a front for the collection of donations.

Help stop this action from occurring and protect YOUR constitutional rights before they decide you can’t own YOUR property/animals with those constitutional rights being taken by Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist Nazi Commandos which is exactly what they are.

The new laws were created and approved by Jack Hanna, Big Cat Rescue (BCR-Carole Baskin), Tim Harrison, GFAS and HSUS participation and approval-These are NOT experts but are private citizens who stake a claim that they are. In fact, Carole Baskin shouldn’t have a facility on that property or own any big cats. Go here and find out just how illegal Baskin has operated for years- http://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/zoo-warsinvestigative-reportbig-cat-rescuecarole-baskin-lives-for-the-power-and-bragging-rights/

If they can take exotics then they can take domestics and livestock animals just as easily as they created the new law against the exotic animal owner. HOWEVER, the way this law is written, they already can and it’s just a matter of time before they do…Good luck with that Ohio-Be sure to thank your Livestock Association for that…When they are forced and start screaming bloody murder there will be no one left listening and they have done nothing to help fight this bad law-instead they flipped on exotic animal ownership.



State may close down sanctuary for not following rules on exotics

STONY RIDGE, Ohio — A Stony Ridge animal sanctuary is in danger of being shut down by the state for noncompliance with state exotic animal laws.

“It’s going to ruin my whole life,” said Kenny Hetrick, owner of Tiger Ridge Exotics. “This is all I know.”

Mr. Hetrick, 69, received a letter Thursday from a special prosecutor on behalf of the Ohio Department of Agriculture. The letter gives him 10 business days to voluntarily surrender his animals to the state or face criminal or civil charges in Perrysburg Municipal Court and have his animals seized by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

He began rescuing exotic animals when he was 23 and said he has maintained a license with the U.S. Department of Agriculture with no violations. He has had as many as 30 animals on the five-acre property along Fremont Pike, but is down to six tigers and a black leopard, which are considered endangered animals, as well as two lions, a Kodiak brown bear, a liger, and a bobcat. His wolf hybrid is not included in the exotic animal law.

“Every animal I have has been rescued from somebody that didn’t want them,” he said.

Four of the tigers are former mascots of Massillon Washington High School, a school in Massillon that gets a new Bengal tiger cub each year to travel with the team and greet fans during the football season. Brian Pachis, assistant athletic director, said the tradition of having a live tiger cub mascot extends back several decades.

“We normally get them in early August and keep them just through the football season,” he said.

Ohio’s new exotic animal law was enacted in 2012 after dozens of big cats, bears, wolves, and primates were set loose by their owner, Terry Thompson, near Zanesville in 2011. He committed suicide after releasing the animals. Many of the animals were shot and killed by law enforcement.

PDF: Letter from the state to Mr. Hetrick

The law prohibits ownership of many exotic animals but allows those who possessed them before Jan. 1 this year to get permits for them. The dangerous wild animal permit application was to have been submitted by Dec. 31, 2013.

Groups such as zoos, accredited sanctuaries, and educational facilities that have a single animal as a mascot are exempt.

Erica Hawkins, communications director for the Ohio Department of Agriculture, said Tiger Ridge Exotics is not exempt because it is not accredited through the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. She said Mr. Hetrick had received a number of notices regarding his animals, and a state inspector who visited the property to talk with Mr. Hetrick was refused entry.

11n7tiger Obie is one of six tigers at the sanctuary, which has housed up to 30 animals. It now has only the tigers, a leopard, two lions, a Kodiak bear, a liger, a bobcat, and a wolf hybrid.
Obie is one of six tigers at the sanctuary, which has housed up to 30 animals. It now has only the tigers, a leopard, two lions, a Kodiak bear, a liger, a bobcat, and a wolf hybrid. – THE BLADE/ANDY MORRISON 

“Referring cases for prosecution is the last in a long line of steps we try to take with owners to get them into compliance with the law,” she said. “It’s not a step we want to resort to.”

Kyle Silvers, the special prosecutor from Toledo-based law firm Shindler, Neff, Holmes, Worline & Mohler, said charges could be filed as soon as Oct. 23 in Perrysburg Municipal Court if Mr. Hetrick does not surrender the animals, and the state would have the authority to confiscate them at that time.

Mr. Hetrick said he cannot afford to comply with many of the state’s new regulations in order to get a permit. He said he would be required to replace 3,200 feet of fencing with a stronger gauge fence, construct concrete barriers to prevent animals from digging under fences, and sterilize and microchip every animal. He would need to obtain a $500,000 insurance policy, and the permit itself would also cost him $1,000.

“I’m not a millionaire,” he said.

He receives donations to help care for his animals, and area farmers will give him horses and cattle that need to be put down and can then be butchered for meat to feed the exotics.

Obie_2.jpg Obie XXXXII puts on a happy face for the students of Smith Elementary School as the Obie Crew makes stops at all the elementary school during Massillon McKinley Week.
Obie XXXXII puts on a happy face for the students of Smith Elementary School as the Obie Crew makes stops at all the elementary school during Massillon McKinley Week. – Independent/GLENN B. DETTMAN 
Mr. Hetrick said most of the animals in his care are elderly. He has stopped accepting new animals and will be out of the rescue business when those he has now die.

“We’re probably talking five years and I won’t have anything here,” he said. “Give me five years and let them live their lives out. They’re happy here.”

Mr. Hetrick is searching for an attorney to file an injunction to prevent the state from seizing his animals. He said other sanctuaries and rescues are full and fears the state will kill all of them.

Mrs. Hawkins said the state has already begun contacting sanctuaries across the county to find space for Mr. Hetrick’s animals. In the interim, they would be kept in a holding facility in Reynoldsburg that was built specifically for enforcing the new exotic animal law.

“We have not euthanized any animals,” she said. “We’ve rehomed 30-some dangerous wild animals in the last couple of years. Sometimes it takes time, but we’ve found homes for everybody.”

An animal would only be killed for medical reasons, she added.

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Now if you believe that last statement from Mrs. Hawkins; then you must still believe in the tooth fairy. How many so called ‘rescues’  have you read?!? Well, you better start reading!!! Furthermore, moving an older animal causes a great deal of stress with a very low chance that the animals will survive the relocation or will have live as ling as they might have due to the additional stress imposed on them being taken away from their rightful owner.

This new law is indeed wrong on so many levels I was surprised to see so many owners having surrendered their animals and worse yet, sending any animal to Big Cat Rescue (BCR-Carole Baskin) or any GFAS facility (HSUS facility) is a death sentence from the get go. Animals that are normally handled and receive intimate contact with their care all their lives with their owner such as Hetrick’s animals; would be cut off from any contact what-so-ever and Baskin who promoted this law wouldn’t take all the big cats…even if she would, who in their right mind would want her to?!?

Stand your ground Mr. Hetrick If they can do this to you then they can do this to anyone at anytime for any animal.

Letter from the state to Mr. Hetrick: http://www.toledoblade.com/attachment/2014/10/11/Letter-from-state-to-Hetrick.pdf

Link of interest: http://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/zoo-warsinvestigative-reportbig-cat-rescuecarole-baskin-lives-for-the-power-and-bragging-rights/

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B




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