from TX-RPOA~AKC Joins AVMA, Other Animal Groups to Launch Animal Law Writing Contest

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from Texas-RPOA (Bloggers note-references to Texas Bar Association officers-ALL Animal Rights Extremists with an agenda so that that words contained within the cruelty law are ignored and the bar association allows this although NOT intended by the legislature-The corruption is transparent-Texas is an Animal Rights Extremist State)

What a great idea! Unfortunately our State Bar of Texas Animal Law Section’s officers are predominantly “animal rights” extremists — members of Animal Legal Defense Fund, Texas Humane Legislation Network, and the Humane Society of the U.S. per the Section’s website. We really need more “animal welfare” law attorneys in Texas.
(Forward below from “Our Friends on the Pet Law List:” )

AKC Joins AVMA, Other Animal Groups to Launch Animal Law Writing Contest
For law students.

By Phil Guidry, Senior Policy Analyst, AKC Government Relations writing contest

Since its development in the 1970s, the relatively new field of animal law in the United States has expanded into a diverse body of topics that touches almost all traditional areas of the law. Examples range from veterinary malpractice (professional liability/torts), to location restrictions on animal facilities (zoning/land use), to wildlife/livestock or pet ownership (property law).

Whereas legislative proposals prescribe or prohibit certain activities by establishing broad rules for all animal owners in a jurisdiction, court cases usually deal with individual circumstances. However, they can set legal precedent and impact a large number of animal owners too.

Paralleling the expansion of animal law subject matter is an explosive growth of animal rights ideology in America’s law schools. Today , almost all American law schools have at least one animal law-focused effort, many of which are designed with an animal-rights bias, including classes, certificate programs, and extracurricular groups.

If recent history is a reliable indicator, a large number of future federal and state lawmakers are likely to be lawyers. To help ensure that future lawyers and lawmakers are exposed to a variety of animal law perspectives and have the opportunity to engage in unbiased debate of animal law’s expansive issues, the American Kennel Club, American Veterinary Medical Association, the Cat Fanciers’ Association, and the Animal Health Institute have joined together to establish the Animal Law Writing Contest for Law Students .

The contest is part of a shared effort by concerned mainstream animal welfare groups to ensure access and familiarity with a broad range of perspectives on animal law. The contest launches this month and welcomes all scholarly viewpoints.

Students currently enrolled at ABA-accredited law schools located in the United States are invited to write a 10-20 page scholarly paper on the constitutionality of one of two preselected animal law topics. A committee with relevant experience will judge all properly-submitted entries received by Noon on February 15, 2015 . The winner, who will be notified by April 1, 2015 , will receive a $2,500 cash prize and a trip to the American Veterinary Medical Law Association’s Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, next July. The second place author will receive a $1,000 cash prize.

The contest is one of a number of ways in which the American Kennel Club and the collaborating organizations are dedicated to promoting further education and unbiased study regarding the human-animal bond, the role of animals in society, and animal welfare practices and policies.

For contest rules, to submit a contest entry, or for more information, visit the AKC website or email .

dangerous humans

I still contend, beyond regulations for public safety, food, water and shelter, we don’t need more animal laws and bans when the government has no interest in animals…Current animal cruelty laws are intended to address INTENTIONAL animal cruelty and have already gone beyond PROTECED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS for US citizens. Animal Cruelty laws were written by Animal Rights Extremists Nazi Gestopos who intend on ending all relations with animals-NOT intended for Animal Welfare and help no animal -the courts do not properly adhere to the law as written and intended and abuse PROTECTED CIVIL LIBERTIES.

It boils down to a lack of educational programs for proper care for animals that has led to the abuse of these laws-This could easily be a community effort so that no owner will be without the proper information for the care of an animal. It should be noted, that as long as the cruelty laws are in place and improperly enforced-Animal Ownership would be a risk to ones freedom when the courts fail to recognize their obligation to assure citizens will be protected in their courts from WRONGFUL, prosecution-Both JP Judge Lex Jones and  County Court Judge Phil Parker, judges in Marion County, Texas ignored the obligation of their courts-Are non-lawyers, untrained and unskilled in matters of law and therefore could and should be considered ignorant in their obligation to the citizens of Marion County as elected judges who heard cases that their courts are not allowed to hear (TX Government Code 26.258) and have no say in property valued over $10,000.00 -JP Court is not allowed to hear ‘class A’ misdemeanors with or without representation. A criminal case is appealed as criminal and a civil case is appealed as civil-In Marion County they took a criminal case from the JP Court that it was not supposed to hear and was appealed as civil case in county court who is prevented from hearing civil cases-The whole thing a shame and Kangaroo Court in a matter with property valued over $207,000.00. This was no mistake but a matter of participating in a conspiracy to take property!!! These are elected officials who are NOT up to the job of protecting citizens from wrongful enforcement and wrongful prosecution.

No matter what any court has decided, there is grave concern from wrongful animal seizures and victimizing people with improper procedures who claim to touch the souls of animals-The only “animal souls” that any of those people have touched, are the souls of the animals they have euthanized under the ‘color of rescue’. Including the taking of animals to the next county’s animal control, the taking of hundreds of animals as Carolyn Wedding, president and founder of the Humane Society of Marion County/the Dixie Humane Society, Jefferson, Texas, has done from 2007-2011.

According to records obtained from the Marshall Animal Control, Marshall, Texas, the majority of those animals are documented as euthanized and noted on the record yet, this Humane Society claims to be no-kill when it’s NOT!!! Oh but Carolyn Wedding always claims to have shed ‘A’ tear-BULLSHIT!!!

Cruella Deville

Who in their right minds would buy an animal from a MURDER, even if done by someone else’s hand when they did this deed intentionally as she was unable to sell the animals and provide proper care (even after the creation of an actual holding facility within the county although owns many acres in the next county where she has held animals previously.)

Carolyn Wedding took animals to this KILL facility yet there is a no-kill Humane Society in Marshall-Maybe they refuse to work with a murder-ah, maybe LIKELY?!?

There have been numerous wrongful animal seizures in Marion County by the Humane Society of Marion County/The Dixie Humane Society and a multiple number of animals killed by the hands of the founder and president of this Humane Society by Carolyn Wedding and not only by the Marshall Animal Control but done by Dr. Carol Hedges with no medical test, permission from any judge or the owners of those animals.

Humane Societies operating like this one should not have community support when any member of the community has and can be abused with the improper use of the cruelty law with wrongful prosecution and judges who don’t properly fulfill an obligation to the community that they claim to have accepted when they accepted their position. More on this should either of these men run for office again…They created the record by their own making and will likely scream because I’ve said it. All court documents are subject and readily available for public review-

We are entitled to voice our opinion when there is a concern in the community also according to the record established by their state circuit Judge Rolston-also an elected official who is not properly serving members of his community for protection against trespass. I pledge this to members of the Marion County Community to remain aware of elections and that they will be informed no matter the decision of any court.

We’ll put it before the COURT of PUBLIC OPINION!!! People in status of being elected to a position should know better than to do what they did and will now have to face the ridicule-It’s not over until I decide it is and apparently people in Marion County don’t have a clue as to what’s going on in their own backyards.


Seized Kenny[1]

Complaining about inhumane conditions, abuses, or violations of law is a constitutionally protected right. Any member of the public not only has the First Amendment right to speak out against abuses and violations of law committed by anyone, but he or she also has a constitutionally protected right to demand that the government correct the wrongs that are identified.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others-Speaking out on behalf of an animal loving community…Stay tuned -B


ZOO WARS~Tony to REMAIN at the Truck Stop-What Great News!!!

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PROTECTED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!! And apparently Louisiana State Judges know and do the right thing!!! WOO-HOO, Tony the Tiger will remain at the Truck Stop.

“Hello people, if the fumes are so overwhelming and dangerous, how do we explain the fact that Tony is a happy, HEALTHY FOURTEEN YEAR OLD TIGER!!! Okay, read that last part of the sentence again – HEALTHY FOURTEEN YEAR OLD TIGER!!!! When are they thinking the damage is going to happen? In another 14 years??? Does anyone get my point? Congrats Michael S. Sandlin – keep up the fight!” -A quote from Michael Sandlin’s FB wall-I think we all get that point-However, the Animal Rights Extremists Nazi Gestopo are the only ones ignoring that fact.

Tony the tiger to remain at Louisiana truck stop for now after animal rights group’s lawsuit dismissed

Michael Sandlin

The owner of Tiger Truck Stop scored a victory in court Monday (Nov. 17), allowing him to keep Tony, a Bengal tiger, as a roadside attraction at his gas station off Interstate 10 in Gross Tete. Tony’s fate is still unclear, however, as the tiger’s ownership is still the subject of another, ongoing court case.

Nineteenth Judicial District Court Judge William Morvant dismissed a lawsuit on Monday challenging an amendment, which the state legislature adopted at its most recent session, to a law regarding Tony the tiger. Morvant said in court that the lawsuit, which the Animal Legal Defense Fund argued on behalf of former state Rep. Warren Triche Jr., attempted to address the same issues in a still-pending lawsuit in another judge’s court.

The heart of both lawsuits, the court found, addresses the constitutionality of Louisiana’s big cat ban, a 2006 law sponsored by Triche. In the other case, Tiger Truck Stop owner Michael Sandlin is challenging the constitutionality of the 2006 law in Judge Janice Clark’s court.

“You can’t have two suits about the same main issue,” Sandlin’s attorney Jennifer Treadway Nixon said outside the courtroom.

With similar cases ongoing in two courts, lawyers could be accused of “forum shopping,” to gain a favorable outcome. And in these cases, problems could arise if there’s contradicting outcomes regarding: 1) the constitutionality of the 2006 law cat ban; and 2) the constitutionality of the 2014 amendment to the 2006 cat ban.

 Tiger Truck Stop owner speaks out Tiger Truck Stop owner Michael Sandlin talks about why he’s fighting so hard to keep his 14-year-old Bengal tiger, Tony, as a roadside attraction at his gas station off Interstate 10 in Grosse Tete.

Sandlin said the cat ban in 2006 cat ban “turned us into criminals overnight” and he’ll continue to fight to protect his property rights to Tony.

ALDF spokeswoman Carney Ann Nasser said the organization won’t halt it’s challenge of the amendment giving Sandlin a special exception.

He maintains Tony is happy and healthy at the truck stop in his 3,200-square-foot habitat. He also argues transporting the tiger to some unknown location could possibly cause Tony distress or even threaten his life — a point disputed by those who want him released to a refuge or somewhere else.

Animal rights activists and those who want Tony taken away from the truck stop say, however, have described the habitat as a diesel-fumed cage off of noisy interstate.

ALDF in June filed the suit, which was dismissed Monday, days after Gov. Bobby Jindal signed Senate Bill 250 into law. One of the group’s arguments was that the new amendment makes a special exception for Sandlin, which is illegal according to the state’s own constitution.

Sen. Rick Ward, R-Port Allen, filed the legislation in question at Sandlin’s behest after the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal ruled in 2012 that Sandlin’s permit to keep Tony was invalid because he is not Tony’s legal owner. Last fall, the Louisiana Supreme Court let that decision stand after Sandlin sought a review of it. Tiger Truck Stop Inc. has owned Tony since 2000, but the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, apparently following pressure from animals rights groups, promulgated new rules in recent years requiring the owner to be an individual, not a corporation.

The rules applied to the state’s exotic cat ban, which is apparently unclear whether Tiger Truck Stop’s ownership of Tony could be grandfathered in, since he was at the truck stop prior to the ban. The new law makes a specific exception to the state’s exotic cat ban by allowing Sandlin to keep Tony until the tiger dies.

Also on Monday, a separate case similar to the big cat challenge in Clark’s court was dismissed.

That case, brought by Yogie and Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary in DeSoto Parish, also challenges the constitutionality of the 2006 big exotic cat ban. Nasser said Judge Bob Downing, who is filling in for 19th JDC Judge Kay Bates since her retirement, dismissed it because the same issues were addressed in Sandlin’s case.

It’s still unclear if Yogie and Friends will appeal Dunning’s judgment or seek to join Sandlin’s suit, said their attorney Nixon, who’s also handling Sandlin’s case.

Tiger to remain at the truck stop


Oh Hell YEAH!!! Carole and Howard Baskin and ALDF take another hit-another loss-But doesn’t cost them a dime-

ALL of the misery they cause is done with money donated for animal care and taxpayer money wasting court time!!! Donated money for animal care used to hire a lobbyist:

Big Cat Rescue-Lobbying 2014 (2)

BCR collects money for animal care however that money is not being used for that purpose-They use that money for politics and filing law suits that actually cost them nothing!!! They still draw their FAMILY salaries-The salaries for the family are actually about $250,000.00!!! The total salaries in 2013 were $617,000.00-So now you know what the money has gone for-I think they should earn their money if they are going to collect big bucks off money donated and get their butts back out working in that sleazy facility











They still haven’t improved a single cage yet built a tall fenced in area (with more donated money) that can not be used for all the animals. Otherwise, there has been no improvement and not a single enclosure allows drainage on that property that was once used as a landfill and burrow pit-Certainly is a lot more serious than keeping a tiger at a Truck Stop FAR from any harm from the environment.

Tony is now 14 years old-Carole Baskin claims that 14 is old for a tiger-which is it?!? When is Tony’s environment going to make him sick? Cats at BCR are dying at 14 (and younger) from tumors, cancer and kidney failure!!! -EUTHANIZED!!!

Link of Interest: (See the long list and causes of death)

Considering all the lies for Carole Baskin, especially when a cat that Carole and Don Lewis received named Oakey was neutered and declawed BEFORE they received that cat and the documented claim is that Oakey sired cubs-IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Carole Lewis Baskin ought to keep her nose in her own business and stop wasting taxpayer money on her contrived idea of what is bad for animals when it a fact that all these ‘assaults and vandalisms’ on private exotic animal owners are of her own making and over conditions that are actually much worse at Big Cat Rescue. She needs to actually spend that money on animal care-Food for the cats-FREE!!! Vet care for the cats-FREE!!! Salaries just to the family members alone in excess of $250,000.00!!! Please note-Animal Care and Education Activities are group together-WTF!?!

I suspect that ALDF will file yet another suit with Michael Sandlin and Tony the Tiger being another cash cow for more donations for their following of Animal Rights Extremists who are ignorant enough to believe their line of crap…

One picture is worth a thousand words-Look at this child seeing a tiger for the first time for FREE at the Tiger Truck Stop~Costing taxpayers NOTHING!!!~Michael Sandlin paying for ALL this tigers care and to fight all these lawsuits to keep his PROTECTED Constitutional Right to have Tony at the Tiger Truck Stop!!! I leave you with this picture and off to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate-

Happiness is seeing Tony

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog  -B







ZOO WARS~ ALERT Citrus Park in Tampa, Florida~Big Cat Rescue INTENTIONALY Put the Public at Risk AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!!!

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There’s no excuse for intentionally putting the public at risk and no excuse for FWC for not issuing a violation for it. It appears some very BIG pay-offs going on putting both the public at risk and the people who work there.  Not even bringing up the fact that should an incident have happened just how stupid that makes FWC look. I can just hear Baskin now putting the blame on FWC for lack of enforcement and the need to crack down on irresponsible owners but wait, that would include themselves-something BCR doesn’t do.

Watch this informative video!!!

NEVER have I witnessed a facility purposely taking such a risk including a risk for right to ownership -Do Carole and Howard Baskin think themselves above the law?!? Above everyone’s right to feel safe in there homes and where they shop?!? This isn’t in the middle of no where or the outskirts of town. BCR is right there in the middle of everything located near businesses and neighbors directly next door. Being GFAS does not mean that Carole Baskin is some sort of expert on Big Cats nor is anyone working there or has anyone from BCR been truthful to the public with their response.

Those cats are not arthritic-Show me the vet records for that on each and every cat that she has already placed illegally in that enclosure!!! As a matter of fact, after that enclosure flooded, Simba, a spotted leopard, was left in that enclosure after it flooded, even though was receiving medication!!!

Drainage is required by the USDA-There is very little drainage at BCR and what run-off there is, is coming from a property that was once used as a landfill with burrow pit and likely contaminated with PCBs and the build-up of PCBs accumulating at the ground’s surface. Neither FWC or USDA have taken issue over the property although, BCR has the highest death rate in the country for any facility of it’s type in the country for tumors, cancer and kidney failure or listed as euthanized in the inventory records.

All of this has been reported to both FWC and the USDA-or will these agencies that were created for Animal Welfare and Public Safety continue to shelter this place?!? Just what does it take for a crack down when it’s done on others for far fewer violations, by the very same agencies.

You bet I suspect pay-offs!!! While no other owner would ever get away with displaying such piss poor husbandry skills, rusty, shabby cages with trees overhead and demonstrating poor vet care follow up, thus less if they used an unapproved cage for housing big cats; they would have been cited and likely going to court for the numerous violations, possible fines and probable reason for arrest and jail time, with animals likely confiscated but NOT at Big Cat Rescue. -WHY!?!

Get Involved and ask these questions yourself!!!

Letters of concern for Florida Wildlife Commission should be directed to Ron Cave  

The USDA/APHIS should be directed to all four offices-Subject Animal Welfare and Public Safety Issues:

Riverdale, MD Office:USDA/APHIS attention: Attorney General USDA
4700 River Road, Unit 84
Riverdale, MD 20737-1234
Phone: (301) 851-3751
Fax: (301) 734-4978Fort Collins, CO Office:

2150 Centre Ave.
Building B, Mailstop 3W11
Fort Collins, CO 80526-8117
Phone: (970) 494-7478
Fax: (970) 494-7461

Raleigh, NC Office:

USDA/APHIS-Attention Betty Goldentyer
920 Main Campus Drive Suite 200
Raleigh, NC 27606-5210
Phone: (919) 855-7100
Fax: (919) 855-7123

Center for Animal Welfare Office
Beacon Facility mailstop 1180
9240 Troost Ave
Kansas City, MO 64131
Phone: 816-737-4200

Links of Interest and Reference:

 Carole Baskin with her leopard

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned-Get Educated-Know Who You Trust and Support -B

HO-HO-HO~Great Christmas Gift!!!

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Buy this for yourself or someone you know -Greatest gift ever!!!

No trespass

Contact information:
John Dollarhite
AAA Survival Gear
210 Village Center
Nixa, MO 65714
Store 417-724-8451
Cell 417-839-4835

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I’d like one please…

ACTION ALERT~PartyLite is Sponsoring an HSUS Event-Tell them you will NOT host a PartyLite party or buy any of their products

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Let Party Lite know that HSUS has already paid almost $20 million as a result of RICO activity (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations), and is named in several federal law suits for RICO violations and theft of livestock animals.  Tell them about the “Barnum & Bailey Circus” case:

Let Party Lite know that they will be considered as condoning “Racketeering Activity and supporting Corrupt Organizations”

Please read the alert below and contact Party Lite at this toll free number.  (888-999-5706)  We are never happy with people who support the Humane Society of the United States or any other Animal Rights Extremist organization so please take the time to tell them so.  Also please pass this request on to other friends and request that they help also. Be part of the solution or part of the problem…

Party Lite Sponsoring Humane Society of the U.S. 60th Anniversary Gala in New York City

It’s always a super glamorous event when 500+ guests from all over the world gather in New York City for the annual black-tie Gala of The Humane Society of the United States — the nation’s largest and most powerful animal protection organization.
[Bloggers Note: HSUS is NOT an Animal protection organization-It is an Animal Rights Extremist organization]

But this year, on Nov. 21, after walking the red carpet and enjoying cocktails, guests will sit down for dinner at tables featuring candleholder sculptures of the very animals they are raising funds to protect.

Center stage on each table will be dramatic centerpieces donated by PartyLite featuring the newest designs from the new Jonathan Adler for PartyLite® Safari Chic Collection. The golden glow of candlelight will emanate from the newest votive, pillar and tealight holders, among them will be Adler sculptures of beloved animals — elephants, zebras and lions. Cocktail tables will feature his stunning gold Santorini Hurricanes, accompanied by his charming Squirrel Tealight Holder and, Jonathan’s personal favorite, the Peace Dove Tealight Holders.

“We became sponsors of this year’s HSUS Gala because it’s such a perfect fit,” says Rob Goergen, President of PartyLite Worldwide. “They wanted to make this year’s Gala even more special to celebrate their 60th anniversary. At PartyLite, we’re celebrating the success of our first Jonathan Adler for PartyLite Collection and welcoming the next one, which debuts Dec. 19 for winter-spring 2015. We’re actually providing a sneak preview of these fabulous designs and irresistible animal sculptures to some of the most passionate animal lovers in the world, and we’re delighted to do it for this great cause.”

Goergen noted that the decision to become an HSUS sponsor for this year’s Gala reflects the famous “heart of PartyLite” spirit of the company. “PartyLite is the world’s #1 candle party company,” he says, “and our products are sold in 23 countries around the globe. This year marks our 41st anniversary, and the people who make up the PartyLite family have always been involved in causes that work toward making life better. In the United States, for example, PartyLite has raised more than $14 million for the American Cancer Society since 1997. Preventing animal abuse is a cause we are happy to support as well. We all love animals, too!”

In addition to the Jonathan Adler for PartyLite centerpieces, PartyLite is donating all of the candles used during the HSUS Gala and giving each guest a special Fresh Home by PartyLite™ Perfect Pet Odor Neutralizing 3-Wick Jar Candle, which features a lemony verbena floral fragrance to freshen pet-friendly spaces with a cheery scent.

About PartyLite
PartyLite is the world’s #1 party plan company selling candles, candle holders, flameless fragrance and wax warmers as well as holiday and home décor available in 23 countries predominately through independent PartyLite business entrepreneurs. Since 1997, the PartyLite family of consultants, customers and employees has raised more than $14 million for the American Cancer Society and nearly $4 million for Children’s Miracle Network. In 2014, PartyLite celebrates 41 years as the global leader in its category and 24 years as a member of the distinguished Blyth family of direct selling companies (NYSE:BTH). PartyLite is one of 53 Direct Selling Association member companies recognized during the 2014 annual meeting for participating in DSA’s Code Communication Initiative, focusing on observing and communicating the DSA Code of Ethics as widely as possible. Based in Plymouth, Massachusetts, PartyLite is a member of the Direct Selling Association and the Better Business Bureau.


I wonder if Jothan Adler knows or approves any of this?!?

SPECIAL NOTE: If you love animals do NOT hold a PartyLite party in your home-Next thing you know, HSUS will also be on your doorstep!!! HSUS is NOT an animal protection organization. They are politically seeking to end ALL animal usage…Beware of who you let come into your home-they might decide they don’t like the way you are caring for Rover and call their direct hotline to HSUS.

I suggest you buy candles at your local discount store.

I guess they should reconsider their ‘code of ethics’-ya think!?!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

Special Note: Thank goes to Lady Liberty for the heads up on this event!!!

The News in Perspective~Carole and Howard Baskin~Big Cat Rescue-Refused Settlement Offer

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TripAdvisor Review16

House cat at Big Cat Rescue forced to live outside in a cage during ALL weather conditions.

Carole and Howard Baskin~Big Cat Rescue, refused an offer to end breeding and cub petting-huh?!?

That’s right, an offer of 500,000 life insurance policy of $1,000.00 per month was offered and an agreement to end all breeding and cub petting in two years at GW Exotics, from the day the offer was accepted yet, it was turned down…That coming from a 501-c-3 NFP whose political goals, so they say, are Hell bent to end all breeding of big cats and cub petting in this country actually refused this offer made by Joe Schreibvogel aka Joe Exotic.

Now why would a woman who has gone to great lengths to be involved in the political battle to create bans on all cats from tigers to hybrid house cats refuse such an offer?!? Indeed this would be a win she could gloat about at least once a month as she receives payment for her trouble who is totally against cub petting and breeding, who has been trying to put Joe out of business for years; turn down an offer to finally end all the slandering, court battles, lawyer fees,  etc. WHY?!?

Dumb question!!! Baskin enjoys the power and gloating and after all, they are making too much money off of Schreivogel doing it so they can cash in on the SCAM of trying to shut him down, the scam about the harm it does to cubs, the sham that breeding these magnificent animals in captivity has no purpose, the scam that private owners are harming these animals when it’s Big Cat Rescue doing all the harm, complaining about things they have done and doing themselves and getting away with not adhering to the regulations when no other (that’s right, ‘other’ as they are considered private owners themselves) would do the things that they do or get away with things they are getting away with!!!

Howard Baskin and his cub experience

Recent picture of Howard Baskin enjoying his cub experience.

Baskin’s attorneys abandoned the 50 tigers back to Schreibvogel’s care in 2013 in the United States Bankruptcy court because she didn’t want them, but wait, if he is that big of an abuser, why would she do that?!? After all, what a ‘rescue’ she could proclaim had she taken the 50 tigers Schreibvogel offered; the money would come pouring it but that might mean building new cages that actually met regulations rather than the rusty old dilapidated cages in use at this facility.

Face it, Joe Schreibvogel is NOT an abuser as the Baskin’s claim. In reality, she knows this just as she KNOWS that he is their ‘Cash Cow’ to exploit on the internet, to use during their speaking engagements proclaiming that private ownership must be banned, one of a handful of facilities that still do cub pictures and getting the big bucks in donations as they continue their plight of gathering Animal Rights Activists to donate more money.

Carole Baskin enjoys the limelight that no other ‘media whore’ in the business has by proclaiming her NFP business is a sanctuary even though FWC considers it a roadside zoo, no different than any other licensed exhibitor and licensed as such by the state and the USDA. The Baskin’s claim to be against breeding when they know they really aren’t and claiming how bad cub pictures are when they both know it’s a wonderful experience…I bet her last dying words might be to get her a cub to hold and love on one last time-HA!

Deception is the name of the game for all things Baskin, including the SIX NFPs registered to the same address on Easy Street as Big Cat Rescue including Wildlife on Easy Street and another NFP that has numerous houses registered “rent to own”, while begging for donations for the care of animals that’s used for political purposes including paying a lobbyist $20,000.00 and themselves as well as members of their family over $150,000.00 as employees of Big Cat Rescue and possibly more from the other NFPs.

Oh, things DO add up alright…for everything these ‘media whores’ want, based on public deception. Yeah, these people are so concerned about a public safety issue so that must be the reason why leopards were placed NUMEROUS times in the so called vacation enclosure that has no top when it’s against the Florida regulations for leopards and jaguars because she knew FWC wouldn’t do more than issue a warning. Then, they will use the fact that all they received was a warning as one more reason to ban these animals to private owners.

TripAdvisor Review2TripAdvisor Review3TripAdvisor Review4

Sassyfrass at Big Cat Rescue nearly died because no one noticed…

Yep, the Baskin’s need a ‘cash cow’ and that would be Joe Schreibvogel…today, until they set their eyes on another; but why bother-they have Joe.

Link of Interest:

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

from the Rutherford Institute~Dedicated to the Defense of Civil Liberties and Human Rights

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Protected Constitutional Rights are essential to American freedom. This is more than just their right to build a dock-it is a chance to set case law to stop unfair asset forfeiture.

TRI Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Protect Property Rights, Especially as It Relates to Due Process Assurance of ‘Life, Liberty or Property’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Warning against establishing a precedent that would allow individual property rights to be sacrificed to target the politically weak for the benefit of the powerful, The Rutherford Institute has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to ensure that Americans are not deprived of “life, liberty or property, without due process of law.” In filing an amicus brief with the Supreme Court in Kentner v. City of Sanibel, Institute attorneys argue that the constitutional guarantee to due process requires state and local governments to demonstrate some substantial basis before they can attempt to restrict a homeowner’s property rights. The case revolves around a ruling by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals that upholds a Florida city’s ordinance preventing the owners of oceanfront property from constructing a boat dock on their property, purportedly in an effort to protecting seagrasses, although no evidence was presented to support such a claim.
“Once again, we find ourselves in the inexplicable position of having to contend that the Constitution provides real protections for the property rights of Americans from a governmental bureaucracy intent on asserting its authority,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute and author of A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State. “Courts must stand up to those in power and the moneyed interests calling the shots by assuring the guarantee to due process of law is not an empty promise.”
In September 1993, the City of Sanibel, a coastal Florida city located on the Gulf of Mexico, adopted an ordinance forbidding the new construction of docks and piers fronting San Carlos Bay. The stated purpose of the ordinance was to protect seagrasses that grow on the submerged lands of the bay, although no evidence was presented that this purpose was furthered in any way by the prohibition on docks and piers. After the ordinance was adopted, David and Susan Kentner, as well as other individuals who challenged the ordinances, purchased real estate property on the bay. Although the plaintiffs’ rights as owners of seaside property normally would have included docking rights, the City’s ordinance prevented the homeowners from exercising this right and making reasonable use and enjoyment of their land. The homeowners sued the City alleging that the ordinance violated their rights under provisions of the United States and Florida Constitutions that forbid depriving any person “of life, liberty or property without due process of law.” However, the federal district court ruled that the plaintiffs’ property rights were not protected by the substantive provisions of the due process clause and dismissed their claims. The appeals court affirmed, holding that “there is generally no substantive due process protection for state-created property rights.”
In asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review and reverse the lower courts’ decisions, Rutherford Institute attorneys argue that excluding property rights from the substantive protections of the due process clause is not only contrary to the plain words of the Constitution, but to the history of the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Protection of the right to own and use property was deemed an essential prerequisite to the realization of other basic civil rights and liberties the Amendment was meant to protect. Furthermore, history has shown that state and local government often benefit the politically powerful at the expense of minorities and other disenfranchised groups. The Institute’s brief asks the Court to restore the protection of property due process was meant to provide by requiring state and local governments to demonstrate a substantial basis for limiting the freedom of citizens to use and enjoy their property.
The Rutherford Institute was joined by the Cato Institute, the National Federation of Independent Business, and the Owners Council of America in filing the amicus brief in Kentner v. City of Sanibel.
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