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Animal Law Update: Oregon Supreme Court Determines Animals Can Be Considered Crime Victims

By Phil Guidry, Senior Policy Analyst, AKC Government Relations

In a recently issued opinion, the Oregon Supreme Court held that animals are the victims of animal cruelty crimes.  While that decision may sound like common sense to most people, the opinion substantiates a considerable amount of thought on the purpose of the state’s animal cruelty laws.

BACKGROUND: The case resulted from a tip that led to the discovery of dozens of emaciated horses and goats on the defendant’s farm.  A jury convicted the defendant of 20 counts of second-degree animal neglect.  At the sentencing hearing, the state asked the trial court to impose 20 separate convictions because, they reasoned, the jury found the defendant guilty of neglecting 20 different animals.  However, under Oregon law, courts are permitted to “merge” multiple guilty verdicts stemming from a single criminal episode into a single conviction, unless the criminal episode resulted in two or more victims.

The trial court concluded that only people can be “victims” within the meaning of the criminal statute, and as such the defendant had committed only one punishable offense.  The Court of Appeals reversed the trial court’s sentencing decision, holding that animals can be victims.  The defendant then appealed to the Oregon Supreme Court, arguing that the meaning of the word “victim” includes only people—not animals—and that the victims of animal neglect cases are either the public or the owner of the animal.  The state countered that the ordinary meaning of the word “victim” refers to both animals and humans, and that the text and history of the criminal statute demonstrate the legislature’s intent to protect individual animals from suffering.

The issue confronting the Oregon Supreme Court was limited to whether animals could be considered “victims” for the purposes of sentencing under the animal neglect statute.  If so, then the counts against the defendant would not be able to be merged and he could be sentenced for 20 separate convictions.   (The narrow focus of the issue in question did not impact the legal status of animals as property, which the court explicitly emphasized.)

The court’s decision hinged on the technical aspects of statutory construction and history.  In considering the issue, the Oregon Supreme Court first assumed that the state’s legislature intended that the wording of the law be given its ordinary meaning since it found no evidence of a contrary legislative intent.  (This is an often-used method of reasoning employed by courts when trying to figure out a legislature’s intent behind a law.)  In light of this, the court found that the ordinary meaning of the word “victim” was indeed capable of referring either to human beings or animals, or both.

Next, the court focused on whom or what suffered the harm that the underlying animal neglect statute makes criminal.  It found that the phrasing of the statute revealed that the legislature’s focus was indeed the treatment of individual animals, not (as the defendant argued) harm to the public generally or harm to the owners.

Further, the court considered the historical focus of the state’s century-old animal cruelty laws, and articulated that the second-degree animal neglect statute was part of a more comprehensive set of offenses concerning insufficient animal care that are structured to address the entire extent of animal suffering.  The court held that for each of these laws, the offense is without a doubt committed against an animal, with the relative seriousness of the offense evaluated in line with the relative degree of harm inflicted upon that animal.

In summarizing that animals are the victims in this context, the court reasoned that the defendant’s argument that owners are the victims under the animal abuse statutes could well lead to an inconsistency—that, if the owners themselves had been convicted of negligent treatment of their animals, owners could be both violator and victim in the same case.

The opinion, written by Justice Jack L. Landau, limits the court’s decision to the interpretation of the underlying animal negligence statute.  As explicitly reiterated in the opinion, Oregon law continues to regard animals as the property of their owner.


Taking a good hard look at this:

If animals are now victims with special emphasis on animal as property; owners of animals would then also be considered victims of laws designed to protect property and therefore under such circumstance anyone accused of animal cruelty can then hold those responsible for the seizure for the loss of property by enforcing the cruelty law. Sounds absurd, it’s not with the standards used today to seize animals especially when the charge of cruelty is trumped-up with unreasonable, unlawful, and unconstitutional moral judgment when actual cruelty never existed. Furthermore, the NFP awarded the property could actually be found breaking the law with the sells of the animals (their newly found property and merchandize) and at the same time expecting the owner to pay for the care of the property. And taking this one step further, after the same NFO has sold the animals, collected money as a donation for the care of the property, what money is not used could actually then be considered as the money owned to the owner as the donations were collected BEFORE the animals were awarded to that NFP and therefore any money not used during that collection just might be required to be given to the owner. Currently, the courts are not requiring these NFP to keep track of the donations or the actually money used for the care of the animals before being awarded the animals. Seems reasonable to me considering the hundreds of thousands of dollars collected and the large unreasonable bill presented to the court with no accountability for actual costs and actual money collected.

Now, what about cases where there was no actual criminal conviction and the state keeps those animals anyway?!? Wouldn’t the court then consider the accused but guilty of no crime-whether by the court, charges dropped, no actual charges of cruelty, then it becomes truly obvious as to who the actual victim of the cruelty law is-Well of course they would have to conclude that the true victim is the owner is such cases!!! And believe me there are many, as a victim and my animals the victims with no charges and guilty of nothing yet, the animals have suffered, the animals killed in the process VICTIMS of the cruelty law-still owned by me.

What about the owner who has been deceived by the court and not properly informed as to why they are in court whether criminal or civil…Things are often not what they appear to be in such cases, especially in the media, with faulty warrants and rescues taking animals based on opinion as the evidence as no actually evidence of cruelty ever existed and if there was no actually cruelty; and there no actual evidence, there is no only actual evidence that can be documented as actual in intentional cruelty as these laws were written to prevent.

Looked like shit,

smelled like shit,

tasted like shit

just shouldn’t be allowed as evidence as it can not be verified that it was shit without the evidence

and yes that’s happening in most of these cases. Just as size of transport cages and holding cages to protect animals in crisis whether it be the weather, fire or any other reason (Act of God) that might put an animal in harms way, now held by any means possible for their protection can NOT be judged as cruelty to animals especially when they keep those animals in the very same cages for transport and care claiming it’s all they have to provide. Judgments based on opinion and not facts to the case become void just s the ruling of a judge who has no jurisdiction to even hear a case. Actually happened and now on appeal in federal court as the district court wrongly gave summary judgment in the case with no hearing and based on nothing but his opinion and no facts of the case without meeting the criteria for summary judgment to end the case.

Animals that appear healthy usually are healthy and can not be magically cured in a short period of time when there was nothing wrong with them to begin with are the true victims of the cruelty law as well as the owner as stated with this ruling!!! Watch out when accusing people of a crime that never existed comes back fighting-This ruling makes it obvious who will win and should win in the long run to seek restitution for having accused the innocent for something hat never existed…even the convicted now have a means to seek restitution.

Private Citizens and/or NFP organization who instead of helping have victimized the owner of the animals, the animals themselves and gained from the process can now be held responsible with this ruling. Who Knew-SO SIMPLE!!! Everything done to the owner during that process is VICTIMIZING the owner who has been wrongly accused-guilty or not.


Stop pursuing these unlawful and unconstitutional laws where the government has no interest.  


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

Justin 302407_234365913266554_1122968575_n

Justin at *Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc., Kendalia, Texas -September 2011-old picture, re-used several times. Justin is a trained Celebes macaque-value approximately $20,000.00 has been held in jail since March 27, 2010 and will likely never be returned to his owner yet we know what he’s thinking considering the sharp contrast from the life he was accustom to the life he has now in this Hell-Hole.

“So this is sanctuary huh?!? Beats me -I just want to go home!!! It’s dirty here, my mom never would have forced me to live like this…I miss mom’s hugs and kisses-Can I go home now?!? Really, I didn’t do anything wrong and neither did she!!! That CRAZY woman did this to me-I don’t like “sanctuary” -PLEASE let me go home where I was loved and had a nice place to sleep and my own TV and toys-Where’s the grass?!? Where’s my mom!?!”

Reminder-Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Other animals that were placed in sp called ‘sanctuary'; continue to suffer or have died since-Many were killed in the process with no medical testing, no permission from the judge and certainly without our permission-We wait for our 15 minutes to appear before the appeals court…

This ruling from the Oregon Supreme Court demonstrates that owners are victims as we remain in extreme duress from what occurred and knowing what happened to our animals then and since that time…Guilty of no crime!!! It’s beyond time for the truth to be exposed once and for all!!!


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Please continue to call or write the US Senators is your state telling them about your opposition to S1463 the Captive Primate Safety Act. Tell them this bill may be coming before the full Senate for consideration and ,as their constituent, you want them to vote NO on S 1463.

This bill will have a very negative impact on your life and you deserve to have your concerns taken into consideration before this bill is passed.

Give them your name and address so they know you live in their jurisdiction. Give them some examples of how this bill will affect you…
Examples: You will not be able to take your primates to a vet in another state,
You will not be able to take your primates to visit your family in another state,
You will not be able to will your animal to a person out of state in the event of your death,
Importation and regulation of primates should be left to the state, not the Federal Government.

You can find your Senators here… Congress.gov | Library of Congress scroll down to where you find the members of the Senate. Choose your state and it will take you to your Senate members. Only call the US Senate members of your own state!

Whether you have already signed a petition; whether you have already made contact; do this again…Even if you don’t own a primate…Remember what happens to other types of species can happen to an animal that you own!!! Already Carole Baskin~CEO Big Cat Rescue (BCR) and ALDF are trying to ban certain species of house cats in California for no other reason than how those animals are bred and how they look with the claim that these types of cats are more aggressive and a threat to wildlife -not of which is specifically for those types of animas than any other house cat. As a matter of fact, she often compares big cats to house cats; just bigger.

Please share WILDLY!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B

Justin 302407_234365913266554_1122968575_n

 Justin at *Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc., Kendalia, Texas -September 2011-old picture, re-used several times

So this is sanctuary huh?!? Beats me -I just want to go home!!! It’s dirty here, my mom never would have forced me to live like this…I miss mom’s hugs and kisses-Can I go home now?!? Really, I didn’t do anything wrong and neither did she!!! That CRAZY woman did this to me-I don’t like “sanctuary” -PLEASE let me go home where I was loved and had a nice place to sleep and my own TV-Where’s the grass?!? Where’s mom!?!

*Against private ownership-PETA recommended facility-Says they are a closed facility meaning no USDA (?!?) or anyone monitoring their activity yet they have an Appreciation Day coming up next month and you can buy your way in for a ‘special tour’ of this place!!!

ZOO WARS-Yogie and Friends to Be DISMISSED!!! YIPPEE!!!

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WOO-HOO a reasonable district attorney does exist!!! AMAZING!!! Shouldn’t have tried it to begin with!!! Kudos to Jenny and Tim and everyone who Volunteered to step up to the plate to protect those animals from another illegal and unconstitutional seizure of some pretty special animals…Now we’ll see if the state of Louisiana will be controlled by an absurd out of state Animal Rights Extremist-Terrorists tactics Of Carole Baskin~CEO Big Cat Rescue/Wildlife on Easy Street (BCR/WOES) and ALDF and their attempt to control state regulations and the legislature AGAINST animal ownership. Personally, I don’t believe they can but we shall see!!!


DA to dismiss charge against Yogie and Friends

More than $10,000 has been spent since July upgrading Yogie and Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary.

DeSoto District Attorney Richard Johnson has decided his office “doesn’t have a dog in the fight” between wildlife officials and a big cat sanctuary.

So Johnson says he’ll dismiss a criminal charge filed in July against Yogie and Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary that his office attempted to prosecute two weeks ago in DeSoto District Court. The motion will be filed Thursday morning.

“We kind of got thrown into it,” Johnson said of the permitting disagreement between Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and Yogie and Friends. “I don’t think it’s anything we need to worry about from a criminal standpoint. (LDWF) wanted to use the district attorney’s office to achieve something they couldn’t do.”

The about-face contrasts with the stance of the district attorney’s office at a hearing Sept. 3. Then, Assistant District Attorney Brittany Green attempted to hold a safety hearing on alleged violations cited by LDWF agents during the summer inspection.

As a result, Yogie and Friends Executive Director Jenny Senier was ticketed on behalf of the nonprofit for failing to abide by LDWF commission rules regarding the possession of the nine exotic cats, which the agency seized — on paper only.

LDWF wanted to secure a court order to physically remove the large cats. But District Judge Robert Burgess stopped any further action by informing the district attorney’s office it failed to produce statutory authority for the safety hearing. Instead, he set a date in October for a misdemeanor trial.

“I’m relieved and grateful,” Senier said today after learning of Johnson’s plans from The Times. “Because we are trying to do the right thing, we really are.”

Since July, more than $10,000 has been spent upgrading the sanctuary, with most of the attention paid to building cinder block dens for the aging cats, reinforcing interior fencing, adding a privacy fence on the perimeter and constructing wooden platforms inside the pens.

Established in 2000 on Fob Lane, Yogie and Friends has not had any problems that would create public safety concerns. The sanctuary came under closer scrutiny by LDWF, however, a few years ago when a state law governing the private ownership of exotic cats was changed.

Maria Davidson, head of the LDWF Fur and Refuge Division in Baton Rouge, did not have an answer as to what Johnson’s decision does to the paper seizure of the cats.

“They still do not have a permit,” she said, adding the permit is needed for the cats to be “legally possessed.”

But if the DA decides not to prosecute now or in the future, where does that leave LDWF?

“Well, I guess, I’ll have to defer that to our legal staff,” Davidson said.

Yogie and Friends has filed a separate civil lawsuit against LDWF in the 19th Judicial District Court in East Baton Rouge Parish concerning the constitutionality of the law on exotic cat ownership. The U.S. Zoological Association is supporting Yogie in the legal battle.

Assistant District Attorney Michael Daniel attended a preliminary hearing Monday in Baton Rouge related to the lawsuit. To continue the trips to Baton Rouge “on hearings we don’t have anything to do with” is not the best use of the state’s time and money, Johnson said.

“We’ve already spent countless hours going back and forth between here and Baton Rouge and not getting anything for our buck,” Johnson said. “I do feel (LDWF) needs to carry this ball themselves. … I don’t know how they are going to accomplish what they want.”

To help

Yogie and Friends has several upcoming fundraisers to help replenish its bank account to offset unexpected expenses of the recent upgrades at the sanctuary.

• Saturday – selling T-shirts and other Yogie and Friends merchandise at Tractor Supply in Minden.

• Oct 4 – Eat a Dog, Save a Cat hot dog fundraiser at Discount Tobacco on Shady Grove in Bossier City. Merchandise, jewelry, baked goods and more also will be sold.

• Oct. 11 – Fall bake sale and fundraiser at Petco on Youree Drive in Shreveport.


Link of interest: http://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/09/04/zoo-warswoo-hoo-judge-refused-the-case-yogie-and-friends-survive-round-one/

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

Zoo Wars~Carole Baskin~CEO Big Cat Rescue-BCR/Wildlife on Easy Street-WOES~In Her Own Words

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Carole Baskin will live to regret her own words. Then again, I’m not sure she remembers what she said/says from on minute to the next.

Big Cat Rescue (BCR) is NOT and can NOT become a verified accredited Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and frankly, I wonder how it can be considered an accredited sanctuary when 1) There are so many lies about the animals and has been exposed and 2) It does not meet the criteria for how it is providing for the animals-There are more DEAD cats on display thru the Great Wall of DEATH memorial (huh?!?) than there are LIVE animals even thou the animals were sent to the taxidermy for their fur and bones to be preserved -I can’t help but wonder what happened to the rest of their bodies…

Carole Baskin-CEO BCR, has never stopped lying about her animals that she claims were a rescue, an not…not improved living conditions, has poor health care procedures from non exotic experts, has no isolation procedures in place for incoming and sick animals and gone after others for things that they are doing when in reality, cub pictures do NOT hurt the animals with guidelines already in place by regulations in the Animal Welfare Act already…yet things that she has actually done and/or has happened at BCR are her claims for the creation of BAD LAWS!!!

Now if that’s not a load of BULLSHIT nothing is…

Big Cat Rescue followers and supporters seem more like IDIOTS, FOOLS and DUMMIES rather than intelligent free thinking people. I can’t help but wonder why she remains as GFAS by accrediting this facility and is actually throwing themselves under the bus. All of them are the same potential liars and thieves-What’s the saying?!? One bad apple spoils the bunch?!? Sure does!!!

And that’s the point to all of this-ya think!?! Why support GFAS sanctuaries and or FAKE Scam-tuaries/Scum-tuaries all fighting to be the biggest and best (huh?!?) with FAKE claims of sanctuary when in fact they own and are enjoying animals that they don’t want you to own by creating laws that would allow them but not you…All making big money thru displaying their animals and you paying to go see them when there is likely a deserving zoo near by offering bigger and better!!!

Links of special interest to stop BAD Bills in congress and how to send your message-DO IT NOW!!!:



The Animal Rights Extremist-Terrorists want to steal your freedom-Easier to stop a BAD Bill than a BAD Law based on the lies coming from HSUS and BCR and now joined by other FAKE sanctuaries!!! How to send you message instantly to Your representative can be found at the about links-There are animals and animal owners counting on you to take 5 minutes of your time to send your message!!!

Rescue your FREEDOM granted to you by the constitution and it’s amendments-Say NO! to all bans that take away your freedom to live as a living FREE American!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

FWW says that Big Cat Rescue is NOT a Florida accredited sanctuary!!!

FWW says that hybrid cats are classified as domestic house cats!!!

TopCatsRoar says that Carole Baskin is hijacking animals for $$… 

Justin 302407_234365913266554_1122968575_n

So this is sanctuary huh?!? Beats me -I just want to go home!!! It’s dirty here, my mom never would have forced me to live like this…I miss mom’s hugs and kisses-Can I go home now?!? Really, I didn’t do anything wrong and neither did she!!! That CRAZY woman did this to me-I don’t like sanctuary PLESE let me go home!!!


When Animal Seizures Are Lawless, Then ALL Animal Ownership Is At Risk!!! Part 5

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This country is clearly upside-down when private citizens who looted and trespassed on private property , took up donations, slandered the property owner and then SOLD the property are proclaiming they are suffering from PTSD!!! BULLSHIT!!! Just go to Houston Collie Rescue and see this for yourself-so crazy you just can’t make this stuff up!!!

“If I hadn’t seen this myself-If I hadn’t read it twice-I’d of called you a liar -But I did and read it more than twice before I fell of the bed with laughter…New claim from a theft claiming to be a rescuer…Now doesn’t she have big ones for making such a claim?!? Maybe she should seek help immediately…LOL!!!

Here it is-C/P for the Houston Collie FB page and I didn’t change a thing-

from Houston Collie Rescue, Inc.
“I was just commenting today that the rescue day is just now setting in. Its a form of PTSD. Those images keep playing over and over in our minds as we kept going back in because it needed to be done. -Vickey

What a brave heart -Removing animals from their rightful owner from chain-link cages to her chain-link cages…She suffers from PTSD, ROTFLOL!!!

The biggest BULLSHIT illegal and unconstitutional ‘RESCUE’ as a result of an order from federal bankruptcy judge who can order property to be sold for the benefit of creditors but certainly to give it away to private citizens–the Order was for private citizens to go on private property and take “ALL living things”-I am outraged!!!”

“VICTIMS of wrongful and unconstitutional taking of their property; ordered by a judge with no jurisdiction to give permission to private citizens to take and deal with that property is wrong-period…the VICTIM is suffering from PTSD-NOT YOU!!!. A bankruptcy judge who only has the authority to order the property sold (which is what YOU did) to benefit the creditors NOT to order some rescue organization to trespass on private property, take property and benefit by selling it.
YOU took donations and slandered the owner-Kemic is suffering from PTSD-NOT YOU!!! There was never even a hearing or trial on this matter-No justice was served!!!
A fleeting memory for YOU and I truly doubt that YOU will ever realize what you did was the same as looting and invading someone’s property or even realize that you and everyone who participated, including those who donated, in this should be ashamed of themselves!!! Especially the judge-OMG!!!
Kemic now living a nightmare suffers from PTSD!!! -NOT YOU!!!”

Then I received this and think I puked in my mouth a little…

from Houston Collie Rescue, Inc.:

“I received this today.”

-Vickey Willard

Entered on 9/11/14 in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas, Houston Division

RE: Elaine Ann Kmiec

This Court cannot leave unspoken its deep appreciation for Houston Collie Rescue, its many Volunteers and the Citizens of this community, this State and Country that has given their time and their money to right this unspeakable wrong. It gives the Court great comfort to know that there are so many good people willing to stand up for those living creatures that cannot speak or fend for themselves and who will not tolerate the mistreatment of life, regardless of form.

David R. Jones

United States Bankruptcy Judge

No hearing or trial of any sort-I wouldn’t be surprised if they used extortion against Kemic to get control over the property that they literally stole!!!-Maybe called it a plea bargain but wait-this was not an animal cruelty case-If you own an animal your now in jeopardy of the government just taking it from you-allowing private citizens to enter your home and property to loot…and people are actually wondering about the rise in gun owners-Are you kidding me?!?

Sometimes I just can’t help being ashamed of being an American and not due to my actions but the actions of others who truly don’t realize just how wrong they are!!!

Another blogger and another seizure…Really there are countless wrongful animal seizures bringing US citizens to their knees…

http://tyrannyandliberty.blogspot.com/2014/01/cyber-lynch-mob-attempts-to-destroy-new.html http://tyrannyandliberty.blogspot.com/2014/01/cyber-lynch-mob-attempts-to-destroy-new.html

Cyber lynch mob attempts to destroy New York dog breeder

On the internet there are multiple roving bands of animal rights activists who from long distances set up cyber lynch mobs against specific targets they have identified. One mob targeted and took down the Olympic Animal Sanctuary Washington only for some members of that internet mob to turn their attentions to a border collie breeder in New York state just 24 hours later. There are two reasons behind this campaign, 1.) to put pressure on legislators to pass a bill to outlaw dog breeding in New York and 2.) money. It’s always about the money. No, not the money the breeder is making, but the massive profit these cyber “rescuers” are making. All tax free, mostly undocumented.

At the end of December 2013, a massive cyber warfare started against a breeder called Flat Creek Border Collies in New York state, led by an animal “rescuer” named Eric Bellows. The first thing to keep in mind is that almost none of these people involved in this situation have actually ever seen the conditions they testify to extensively on the internet. They usually have one or two local people ready to take money from the public for the “rescue” and dozens of homes lined up to resell the animals too, but it is nothing more than a gigantic theft ring that law enforcement all too often goes along with. It is long past time this was ended! Would it be legal if someone started cyber warfare against you to take your car away from you because they feel they had a better garage than you do? Or if they feel that their brand of gasoline is better than the brand you are using? Of course not! Theft is theft, no matter what your intentions.

“We have over 50 homes and organizations that are ready to help these dogs and give them the homes and attention that they deserve.” Eric Bellows. Facebook post January 2, 2014.

Really? Why aren’t those 50 homes interested in helping save a dog from a local animal shelter instead of stealing one away from a home it already has? Why is it being celebrated that 50 homes are already lined up to accept stolen goods? Why is this ethical?

“Is this the place with the electric fence? Get a group together, wear rubber gloves, cut the fence and hoist them over. Liberate those dogs! Watching from Wisconsin.” Mary Meyers. Facebook post January 1, 2014. Mary Meyers goes on to say that she has just “rescued” a dog herself. I wonder how she did that. Was it the same way she’s advocating here? Stealing a dog out of someone else’s yard? If so, then the Wisconsin authorities need to investigate Mary Meyers. Theft is theft no matter what the property is. How would you like it if Mary Meyers decided she wanted YOUR dog?

Leading the lynch mob against Flat Creek is local animal rights activist Eric Bellows who runs the “Pack Ethic Rescue, Inc.” Me thinks he needs to reconsider that name. Then again, with the word “ethic” in his name, he must be ethical, right? He posted dozens of posts per day the first week of January 2014 about how the dogs were literally freezing to death and absolutely no one would help him. He posted inflammatory postings like, “This dog waited to be let inside, circling every now and again to remove the sting from her frozen paws. I fear what is waiting inside…” Just how exactly would he know this? And why would he fear what is waiting inside? Or other hysteria drawn posts like this one. “Let me know what you guys think, I am going nuts here… Their eyes are burning a hole in my heart, I can’t get their eyes out of my head… Sticking out from inside those barrels pleading for help, shivering….” Again, how would he know from a photograph that these dogs are shivering? Members of the internet lynch mob who jumped on the bandwagon posted conflicting stories about just how many dogs were “freezing to death” or “starving to death.” When that doesn’t work, there’s always the old chestnut of “dead dogs in a wheel barrel.” Funny how there is always a wheel barrel and it always has dead dogs in it. You’d think these animal rights activists could think up something new once in a while.

How many dogs are there?

“This section here has over 12 dogs and this isn’t even a quarter of the property.” Eric Bellows. Facebook post January 1, 2014. “The investigated tells me that there is only 30 dogs there… Really because when I went yesterday there was 30 in the first 4 pens…” Eric Bellows. Facebook post January 1, 2014. “By now these pups will almost be snowed in and the rest of the almost 100 dogs on the property are trying to survive the storm called Hercules which will be dumping between 12-15 inches and be minus degrees with wind chill.” Eric Bellows. Facebook post January 3, 2014.

“So along with overlooking the living conditions and lack of proper shelter but during the police visit it was determined that even though she has 60 + dogs, there are only 47 rabies compliant dogs on the property. Eric Bellows. Facebook post January 3, 2014.

“So I just can’t get straight answers, the police are calling this a hoax? I wish it was. They are telling me there are only 30 dogs on this property. Well when I went there three days ago the second you get out of your care to your left is at least 12 dogs, the “house yard” had around 15 Shitzu and 5 border collies, to the right of that at least 14 puppies ranging from 10 weeks to 6 months, beyond them 2 yards with 6 dogs a yard, beyond that is more yards more dogs, do I have to keep going to show that the police math is off? Eric Bellows. Facebook post January 3, 2014.

“On one hand you are being told to bring all pets inside to protect from elements yet on the other we are forced to watch 60 plus dogs brave the elements.” Eric Bellows. Facebook post January 4, 2014. “When I was there, there were at least 70 to 80 dogs running around that property,” said Bellows. “There was no bedding except for old, wet, nasty stuff that was in there. When I first got out of my car there were over 40 dogs within the first six or seven yards.”

40 dogs in six or seven yards? And you believe that? And just how would this animal rights activist know anything about their rabies shot records? He can’t even make up his mind how many dogs are there even when he claims he has visited this property in person. What kind of dogs are they?

Not only that but the actual breeds started changing and activists were claiming that not only were there hundreds of dogs there but there were French and English bulldogs, Shih Tzu’s, Chihauhau’s, Scottish Terriers, and later they started claiming Havanese were there too. And the puppies! Oh, help me save the puppies!!! Eric Bellows reported that they had 14 puppies they couldn’t sell that he had tried to buy off of them. Interesting. Now if they had 14 puppies for sale, then why couldn’t he buy them? That doesn’t even add up. Then it was 25 puppies with many more coming from multiple pregnant dogs. Eric Bellows is not a veterinarian and has not examined any of these dogs. He cannot possibly know if any of them are pregnant or not. But rampant speculation like this is designed to drive up internet hysteria.

“There are over 25 puppies on the ground right now maybe more and god knows how many pregnant why would you need 4 more pregnant dogs?” Eric Bellows. Facebook post January 2, 2014.

“I can not confirm the report of 2 dead dogs being removed this morning. What I can say is that when I first went there on New Years Eve there were around 11 puppies on premises. Eric Bellows. Facebook post January 4, 2014. He can not confirm? That’s sort of like the old, “when did you stop beating your wife” line…. He posted aerial photos of the property taken from online map websites claiming the property was covered in dogs, he posted on Facebook the statement that, “every inch is covered with dogs.” He posted at least 18 inflammatory stories about this breeder on January 3rd alone claiming multiple dogs were freezing and starving to death and begging for help. Others starting claiming the local authorities were “covering up” the problem leading to the lynch mob becoming even more inflamed. People were calling the local and state authorities to include politicians and the Governor, and dozens of members of the media from foreign countries and other states demanding that something be done. NYS Assemblyman James Tedisco jumped on the bandwagon and urged people to call the Governor to press him to sign the anti-dog breeder bill that was on his desk. I think we just uncovered the motivation for this cyber lynch mob.

When people attempted to point out the lies in this cyber lynch mob whipped up by Eric Bellows, they were met with comments like this: “If all you breeders would commit suicide it would be a much nicer world!!” Tim Ostrander, Facebook post January 5, 2014.

Instead of asking these people if they had ever been to America, let alone New York, and how exactly they knew what was going on there, politicians such as James Tedisco jumped to help destroy a dog breeder. Each and every bureaucrat that was contacted assured these lynch mob members that they would conduct an investigation into the target instead of demanding proof of their outrageous allegations. The state police and state veterinarians visited the property to inspect it three times in as many days and not a single violation of New York law was found. All the dogs were found to have food, water, shelter, heat, and were reportedly brought inside at night. Yet Eric Bellows kept up the daily cyber harassment.

“Collies aren’t Siberian Huskies and they’re not sled dogs,” says Eric Bellows, an animal rights activist, who lives near the Rappa Road farm, “They can take the cold but this kind of cold is on a whole other level.” WNYT.

And what exactly makes him an expert on the border collie breed? Absolutely nothing! The activists just howled louder screaming that dogs were in immediate danger of freezing to death, that all of the dogs were “limping” and other hysterical accusations, and hard-hearted authorities wouldn’t do anything about it and were “covering up” something. Just how can you tell all the way from California that a dog in someone’s back yard in New York is “limping” anyway? Other activists started passing around the rumor that the dog breeder was failing to provide any veterinarian care to her dogs.

The State Police were forced to issue a statement: “Several visits to the kennel have not revealed any violations of New York State Law or local codes. The Owner of the kennel has provided shelter, food and heated water as required.”

The truth means absolutely nothing to animal rights activists. They started calling the Governor and fellow animal rights lawyers to see if they could sue for custody of the breeders dogs. Then Eric Bellows posted “Matt Albert from NY Citizens Against Puppy Mills and Rich Rosenthal from The Lexus Project are working on helping the dogs of Flat Creek. They will be going before the judge at 2:00 at the Montgomery County Supreme Court.” January 6, 2014. What is important about this post is not only that private citizens are apparently going to court to somehow shut down a lawful breeder and potentially steal their property, but the comments. Immediately dozens of supporters of this lynch mob posted their support and more importantly, their locations.

“My heart and prayers are with you from North Carolina.”

“Good luck from Kentucky”

“Prayers and Paws Crossed from Florida”

“Paws crossed from Philadelphia Pa”

“Hoping for the best from Tucson, AZ”

“prayers from SW VA”

“Prayers and blessings from California”

“Good Luck from TN”

“Good luck from Ohio”

“Prayers from TX”

“Good luck from Toronto Canada”

“Best wishes from Germany”

Immediately after that on Eric Bellows Facebook page was a posting that said, “Help Pack Ethic Rescue Inc. every time you shop” and a link to give him donations. Why again are the New York authorities giving one ounce of time to these activists? Eric Bellows is shilling for cash, while the vast majority of his supporters do not live there. They are obviously NOT in New York and have no clue what is actually happening there. They have zero right to have a say in anything going on in Montgomery County, New York. They aren’t taxpayers and they aren’t voters. Tell them to shut up about their complaints and direct their attention to their own back yards and leave New York alone. Additionally, an investigation needs to be made into Eric Bellows who led this effort.

If you look into his back story, Eric Bellows has quite a history. He was part of the disgraced gansta “Rescue Ink” scam and went out on his own to form another rescue to collect donations from the public. I found an interesting blog that covered a case of mass hysteria on Facebook that the blog claims was founded by Eric Bellows. In this case it was a story about nails being found in scattered dog food at dog parks. The fake story was cross posted on Facebook over 15,000 times with over 12,000 comments to the story. The blog claims that he received over 1,000 new followers to his “rescue” as a result of his heart rendering “nails in dog food” pleas. I wonder how many of those followed up with monetary donations to this dirt bag? He also apparently has frequent health issues which require pleas for more monetary donations. Seriously? I’m supposed to believe this man has suffered from 13 concussions in his lifetime and is seeking treatment from 11 specialists? Who the hell is paying for that? This also makes me wonder just how he thinks he’s capable of saving 100+ dogs from Flat Creek if he gets a concussion every time he turns around? Turns out he was also involved in the campaign to destroy a long time Rottweiler breeder in Wallkill, New York. Just what exactly does this internet cowboy know about Rottweiler’s? Here’s the real story behind what happened at Wallkill. But there’s more to this, so much more. One of the serial dirtbags behind the lynch mob that destroyed the Olympic Animal Sanctuary was Scotlund Haisley. Funny enough, Eric Bellows tagged some of his Facebook posts about Flat Creek with Scotlund Haisley’s name. I wonder who is going to be the next target of one of Haisley’s illegal raids? Will it be Flat Creek? Only time will tell.

What I really want to know is, how can I tap into this never ending supply of gullible people on the Internet so I can sit on my rear day after day posting inflammatory stories about strangers on Facebook and get people to donate money to me to support my lifestyle and destroy the livelihoods of others. That’s a talent I just don’t seem to have.


Anyone following The Houston Collie Rescue will see the near exact process for donations over an illegal and unconstitutional animal seizure…Follow the rightful owner and you may see nothing as the true suffer of PTSD as an attorney pushed for revenge for her client even though her clients dogs had been returned and should have been the end of it…Instead actually participated herself in the trespass and looing of property as a result of a judges order and justifying her actions won’t change a thing-She will NOT be receiving calls from seizure victims that’s for sure…I hope there’s money going on fake rescues as she’s lost my recommendation and support. You will no longer be seeing anything from ‘the dog lawyer’ on this blog including her opinion of the legislature process-no matter who else supports her…Me thinks this lawyer has another agenda and supporting Animal Rights Extremist Terrorists joining in on their Gestopo tactics herself-That’s the real story here-a judge and an attorney demonstrating that justice was not and will not be served as long as they continue to allow (and in this case-have the controlling factors) private citizens to use and abuse or justice system in ‘the guise of animal rescue’ where the government has no interest for the benefit of private citizens disguised as a Not for Profit and benefit from the theft of private property. Damn what BULLSHIT!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

I highly recommend this blog: Katharine’s Musings on Liberty and Tyranny   http://tyrannyandliberty.blogspot.com/



ZOO WARS~Taking Action for Monkeys-Petition for OHIO Monks and their Owners-Sign and SHARE WILDLY!!!

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The petition and what it states:


Please allow more Species of Monkeys on the “Allowed List” in the State of Ohio’s DWA Legislation

Recently Legislation was signed into Law by Governor John Kasich to restrict the types of Primates and other exotic animals that people could own. In other states, Class III primates are allowed – which includes Capuchins, Spiders, Gibbons, Macaques, Vervets, etc. In Ohio, the list OUTLAWS Spiders, Gibbons, Macaques, Vervets, etc. It ALLOWS Capuchins, Lemurs, etc.

A pet monkey has never killed anyone.  The public and politicians need more education on what is a dangerous wild animal and how exotic animal owners are experienced in keeping their animals safe. The tragedy in Zanesville was not a suicide and HE did NOT release his animals.

In March, the butterfly effect of the public rushing to justice, and  the requirements for chipping, killed our beloved 29 year old Spider monkey, Nicole, as the ODA wouldn’t give her an exemption, and we were devastated when it caused her death. She was the center of our lives and our emotional support system. Now we cannot even hope to replace her due to the stringency of the law.

People of Ohio should have the right to own these primates as in other states with similar laws. Our girl was well trained to do a lot of assistance tasks, but because she was not trained by a non-profit, organization, they did not consider her a service monkey. My husband has a neuro-muscular disease, and we would lovingly train another Spider Monkey. They are so very smart, calm and laid back, and there is no reason for a ban on this intelligent species, nor any of the other monkeys mentioned above.

The government, John Kasich in particular, and the Ohio Department of Agriculture, should not have the right to limit our freedom to own animals of our choice, nor to make such restrictions that it bankrupts owners of beloved animals due to excessive insurances, or unnecessary enclosure requirements. Nor should the government be able to pass legislation that jeopardizes the lives of those spectacular animals, just because deep pocket organizations like PETA and HSUS back the legislation, and pay to pull the right strings to affect the laws. The regulations are CAUSING animals to die, and forcing people like ourselves who were born & raised in Ohio, and who have contributed greatly to the state economy year after year, to leave Ohio to go elsewhere finding places where our rights are not taken from us due to lack of education.

Our story is a sad one, and we still cry every day. The officers in the Ohio Department of Agriculture have not apologized or even commented on the damaged they caused to us our beloved Nicole. Candice Miller and Diana Pulver ignored our pleas for exemption for her, as well as Governor Kasich, but he can loosen the guidlines to accept all species of monkeys.  Monkeys are not APES!  Dogs and cats can cause more damage than most monkeys and no one is banning them!

The way the legislation is presented, they want the public to think that all exotic owners are irresponsible, second-rate citizens, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most exotic owners are very conscientious and take very good care of their animals and protect THEM from the public at large.

The Ohio Legislation has gone way over the top. Tell Governor Kasich and the Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture (as well as the powers that control it), that they must allow ALL of the more intelligent species of monkeys to be included on the “Allowed List” so our girl has not died in vain and so that other primate owners are not subjected to the unfair costs and the extreme dangers associated with procedures that have never been required before.

Making sure exotic animals are well taken care of, and that pose no threat to the public is necessary, but banning exotics is removing our rights as citizens to be able to have the animals of our choice.  Last time I heard, we still had the right to the pursuit of happiness in this country, but that right is being whittled away one lagislation at a time.  Wake up people!  The next legislation will take away YOUR right to own whatever dog or cat or bird you prefer to share your life with!

State Sen. Troy Balderson, Ohio-020
Please allow more Species of Monkeys on the “Allowed List” in the State of Ohio’s DWA Legislation

[Your name]


Link of interest: http://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/08/28/zoo-warsanimal-rights-activists-are-back-doing-their-monkey-business-petition-to-help-stop-the-primte-safety-act/

Follow the above link to sign this very important petition-I just did!!! TY!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

ZOO WARS~Tigers Can Talk!!! Animal Activists Taste Like Chicken, LOL!!!

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message from the Tiger Truck Stop and Tony the Tiger


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B


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